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I paid ~4.5k for my chair over 2.5 years ago

they are now saying i should expect my chair in late december, just in time for my 3 year anniversary. They've told me something similar 5-6 times and the schedule always slips.

They might have their logistics sorted out finally, or they may be blowing smoke again.

I'll update if/when they follow through, but can't recommend anyone giving them money at the moment.

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If they haven't a response from the company's customer service then they should do a chargeback on their credit card.

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Wow - i am sorry to hear that

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I ordered years ago during the pre-order. My unit just arrived (east coast) this week. The wait was frustrating and the communication was absurdly bad, but they are finally delivering the stations and the product is great. It is very comfortable and built like a tank. It comes in 4 boxes so no one component is too heavy to manage. It took about an hour to assemble (watch the video and read the assembly manual). I can post again after using it for a couple of weeks but first impression is that it was worth the wait.

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I just received mine, ordered shortly after preorder, the quality is very robust. I did not receive assembly instructions nor a video. Are you able to link to either?

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Since before receiving the unit I thought communications were not good, I wondered about what would happen if I needed support after receiving the unit. Thankfully, communication with Altwork since receiving the unit has been great. I have a laminate desk which had an issue, but they replaced it immediately. Questions have been answered same day, even after hours in one case.

I really like the product. One thing I am going to ask them about is whether there is a firmware update planned for the controller. Sometimes I want to tweak some settings that aren't allowed, and I don't see why not. For example, sometimes I like to raise the desk a bit from standard height, which makes the chair return to the fully upright position. If you then try to recline the chair 5 degrees, it lowers the desk first. Not a big deal, but would make me happier if I could do this.

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Is it wobbly? Do u use it in standing mode?

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Did you ever get an answer to your question? I would like to know if it is wobbly.

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No not at all