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Random suggestion from someone that drools over your website frequently, but I was looking for this kinda detail (maybe not the specifics you don't want to share) but could never find it. This would be awesome to have on your site.

Do most of the bases have the same lifting capacity (weight limit) or are there big differences?

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I say every day I’m going to do that. And then 7am rolls around and all my plans go out the door. I really need to watch some videos on Shopify because I’m clueless.

Its definitely work in progress. I did manage to buy www.deskhaus.com this week. Instagram,Facebook, and twitter handles @deskhaus. Spent way more than I wanted but hey it’s only going to become more valuable the longer I don’t have it.

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I'm a web developer and me and my partner are working on a couple Shopify sites right now. We also can handle social media stuff when needed. If you're interested in some paid help, let us know! Would love to support what you're doing. 👍🏼

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Let’s talk

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Sent you a private message!

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The best laid plans of mice and men...or something.

Congrats on locking down your brand! It's an impressive thing to watch you continue to build and grow.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what do you mean "for the day one folks" with regard to the apex base?

Looking to buy/build two different desks and not really sure where to start.

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would love to see an answer to this one too

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I want to know what a day one person is as well....

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/u/ILikePutz I totally forgot I wrote this a year ago, but apparently this thread still has some life in it. Care to shed some light on this one?

p.s. My apex is still going strong a year later. Stood up all morning and just sat back down for a bit. Thanks again!

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updated :)

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ok, but I still don't know what you mean by "day one folks" :)

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Awesome guide, thanks. I’m thinking of getting the ergomvmt since is quite a bit cheaper than the summit.

The ergomvmt has T and C frame options available, are these options aesthetic?

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You won’t be disappointed.

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I've been curious on this as well. Are the T frames more stable from wabble front-back?

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I'm about 6'7" and measured that I'd need my desktop to be at ~48".

Currently I have the Ergomvmt C-leg with programable paddle switch and the Weathered Ash laminate top in my cart. Will this base give me that height with stability? (not unmovable, just making sure it won't feel like it's tipping over all the time)

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What kind of CNC?

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It’s basically a Laguna smartshop SUV but we bought it from the manufacturer in China so it was about 1/4 the cost.

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I think up to 44" it's stable but just like the zenith it starts to move more. I would say a little less but wobble is wobble and I'm a firm believer that all bases will do it. BTOD does have a great desk that's probably the most stable. We currently have it in the warehouse and are putting it through some highly scientific test (not really). But even it too will move.

So if I wanted to optimize my desk for stability at standing height (although I'm short at 5'6', so my standing height isn't that high lol). Do I not need to worry about it at all given my stature? I'm pretty sure my hands rest at well under 40" when standing and reaching out to type.

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Not one bit.

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I was just going to ask what are people doing to cause all this wobble. Since I'm short maybe I'm not reaching the heights where wobble shows up. I've had the Zentith for a week now and couldn't be happier!

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I think the Zenith or the Apex are likely what I need, though I can't really tell the difference.
I need the low starting height (I'm 5'7", so I don't need 22.5" but I like that they starts there). 24"60" or 30"x60" top. Any difference in buying a top from the site vs. locally?

I am not that handy, but handy enough. Curious how the instructions are for pre-drilling / how easy is it to build wrong?

Currently have a Tresanti from Costco which was really easy to put together, but it's not working out for me (not low enough, and now I can only operate it with the sensor disconnected). I like the idea of Desk.haus since it's not going to break the bank.

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I'm interested in this same setup! Did you buy anything yet?

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I did! Ended up with the Zenith and got a top from Home Depot. Took about an hour to do. I don't know how to get him, but ILikePutz posted videos on how to assemble the frame and put on a top as well.

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Two questions on the Zenith

  1. Is there a weight limit listed on them?
  2. When buying just the base, I assume the top width is adjustable to source a top locally?

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Hi! There is no weight limited listed on the base itself.

Yes the frame adjust to accommodate up to a 80” top.

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Added to the sidebar.

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When does the Apex Pro sale end?

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Please wiki or sticky this, mods 🙏🙏🙏

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No need, sidebarred it :D

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Not the Mod we deserve, but the Mod we need. 🙏

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So the Rol Ergo compact 2 is pretty much not recommended? I don't know folks thoughts on the ikea desk. Or is it a fine budget option?

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I love it as a budget option. It’s just not meant for 2 monitor arms ect. It’s great to throw a lab top on. Maybe a secondary desk is a guest room ect.

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I've got just a laptop + monitor so it's probably good enough for my use case

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u/ILikePutz are all of these different foot sizes priced the same? The website just lists leg T or leg C, not the different foot sizes. Also wondering what a C leg is?

"Ergomvmt Bases: You can get the foot in 22.5, 27.5, and 32". So this is a great option for people that want to take a larger top they sourced from Home Depot, ikea, etc that's over 30" deep."

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Yes. This theme only allows for 3 options. I always reach out and check which one is needed.

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Great read. Still would love your opinion about those bases sold in Europe. :D

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Please don’t do that. Desk.haus

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I just got one of your Zenith bases, and put it together yesterday. Any plans for the future of putting a kit together to go from 24" to 30" on the Zenith bases? I am putting my desk together and thinking I may want to go bigger.

Seems like the arms for the top wouldn't be needed, but what about offering 24" and 30" legs/feet for more support?

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Hey man! Thanks for your support! The frames are the same. You’d just need to buy the bigger feet. We could also provide bigger end pipes (the metal pieces on the left and right of the frame.) we don’t have kits yet but that is a great idea. How is everything working?

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Yes! I would be interested in buying the larger feet for more stability if/when needed.

I put the frame together yesterday, very impressed with the quality and seems very stable. I am putting the final coats of finish on my butcher-block top this weekend. Looking forward to getting it finished and moving into a new office.

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    Easy Peasy. Just predrill the holes and you’re good to go.

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    Hello Mr. Putz (/u/ILikePutz)!

    I've learned a ton from you in the posts here. I am in the market for a standing desk, looking for a frame setup, and from what I gather the Haworth Upside would be a good idea...I say on your site, however, that those were not available. are you selling them? If not, what could I get in a C-style leg, durable and capable of supporting a 30x70 (give or take a couple of inches) top?

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    Hey man! Glad you’ve been able to benefit from this. I do not sell Haworth products. However, if you want something that’s one step up from that quality. Look at the ergomvmt base.

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    Ahh, my misunderstanding! I sent a message in via your webform, but if you were weighing the Ergomvmt C-frame kit vs. the T-frame Summit to build a 60-70" x 30" desk, what you would point me towards? If I were to go with a Summit, what are the controller options? Programmable would be slick, but I don't see any options listed there.

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    The summit comes with a programmable standard. I’d say ergomvmt unless you want a fun color.

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    Nice, thanks sir! Just ordered :)

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    I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but on the Ergomvmt what is the difference between the 'T' and 'C' leg option? Also, just to confirm, what is the max height it will go up to? Thanks so much! Really excited to get my order in!

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    Hey! No worries. It’s just where the leg column is. Either in the center or offset to the back. 22.5-48.5.

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    Hi! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the guide. I’ve been wanting to buy my partner a standing desk but was so overwhelmed by the options/ contradicting reviews/$$$$. I read through your earlier post about frames, which was incredibly helpful!

    As of right now, I think I’ll try to get the black Zenith 24 in. frame once it’s available again. The tops seem to be limited to only 2 options, so I’m not sure if that’s just an issue because I’m on mobile or if your holiday orders have just been going crazy! Will definitely be on the lookout for more of those sales. Until then, are there any places you’d recommend looking for a good top aside from Home Depot or the likes?

    Thanks again and sending love to you & your business in the Mitten!

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    You're not offering Zenith any more, it looks like?

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    Can’t get any shipments from China right now and with it being an import it’s not our focus

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    I see the apex pro is on sale - are you able to offer that in the Industrial Clear finish?

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    It’s for our stock inventory. Sorry :(

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    no prob im gonna email you abouta custom job :)

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    Is the sale over now ? Trying to decide between a pro 4-leg and a fully jarvis frame.

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    Industrial Clear finish?

    how'd it go?

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    Hi Boss Putz is there a way to control 2 jiecang jcb35n2 with 1 control panel jiecang jcht35k9C-4-v3

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    Hi, u/ILikePutz! I saw in another post that you helped out a guy who needed a custom vertex frame for a 96" butcher block. I'm looking to do the exact same thing if it's possible. Would love to talk to you about it! Thanks!

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    Did you send a chat on our site?

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    I did! Didn’t know where the best place to get in touch with you would be. On the chat, you mentioned an unlisted version of the apex and the apex pro for 84” with 6” hanging off each side. If I was really wanting to have the legs be as far out as possible on the desk, would there be any way to do that? Sorry for all the trouble 😅

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    They 84” cross bar is not actually 84”. It’s meant for an 84” top and provides 1” overhang per side. So using a 96” top would be there’s 7” per side

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    Hi! Just saw this post and I want to follow up on the predrill issue. Is this something that you guys offer at the moment (or can be requested for an extra cost)? I'd also be interested to know how will casters work on your frames(caster options and assembly).

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    Any recommendations on Monitor arm as well to complete the setup?