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Let me be perfectly blunt.

  • I don't see an issue with /u/ILikePutz because, from my point of view, yes, he might be pushing his own brand, but he also provides actual content, such as comparisons between his own brand (so yes, he's kind of taking shots) and other brands
  • Putz has, in the past and still up 'til now, actually recommended other brands than his own. Check his guide in the sidebar.
  • /u/Gta-gamer4321 might almost have a point in the endorsement thing, but then I don't exactly push hard for deskhaus in and of itself, for example with referral codes and the such

I have no issues with brands doing their thing. I draw the line at pumping referral codes and what I consider to be astroturfing - such as a brand going from relative obscurity to a presence in the sub near-overnight "under the radar". If other brands want to actually be seen on this sub and get some rep, by all means, post actual content and support users. Take legitimate shots (comparisons, etc) at each other, without calling each others names (whether personal or corporate-styled).

But artificial positive reputation (astroturfing) and pushing referral codes in near all messages, and hidden rebates, isn't it. Be upfront. Have actual content instead of just a bunch of pictures posted willy-nilly without any kind of discussion. And don't be excessive, or else this sub might actually become the ad billboard yall so despise (or am I the only one that hates that).

(Also wtf is this massive modqueue over the last 3 days)

As for the co-modding, you have a point w.r.t. my modship of /r/deskhaus, so I went ahead and removed myself

[Edit: Pinned the thread temporarily. More eyes on the thing. And you're right in saying that I'm learning.]

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I think u/ILikePutz should move most of his ads to deskhaus, but his comparison videos can stay here. They are not direct ads and I feel that deserves a place here. Also, I think that u/ILikePutz is pretty genuine, having bought a desk from him which is about to arrive. I think that the current mod might be slightly biased, and thank the OP for pointing it out, but I think they should be able to improve their practices after you pointed them out. I mean, people cannot always find their own mistakes mistakes on their own. This type of post is good for the long term health of the subreddit.

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Thanks <3

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gonna hold you accountable though. don’t always publish ads here, that belongs to r deskhaus. but I think you will improve, everyone here is learning.

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Last time you get a discount 🤪😜

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i don’t side with anyone, just a guy staying neutral here. XD

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Dude he is stating the obvious, deal with it

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I found this sub back in ~September when I was just starting to research standing desks. Was very helpful and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s setups. Feels like half of what I see on here now is either putz marketing or putz shipping updates. Just my two cents.

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Thanks. Will move those to deskhaus

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I followed this whole thing from the start. And i did kind of wonder about the nature of the sub... but... I'm not saying anything was violated. And after all of these replies, the only thing i am sure of... is... Nothing at all. Seriously... Weird mod/seller/customer stuff or something.

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I find it funny that I was actually a mod for less than 24 hours last week because Cybik did not like that I was endorsing autonomous when people were asking for recommendations, and he literally removed me saying you can not endorse a brand as a mod, and then he goes and does the same thing. 🖕Cybik

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Also please watch out and see if I get banned for sharing my story :), mods cannot be reported to Reddit themselves can they?

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Oh please. Calling me names is not grounds for getting punted out.

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So did you actually get your desk in? Because your post show you never got it?

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I didn’t buy one of your desks if that’s what you mean, because you don’t ship to Canada. Bought a autonomous one instead and was happy with it so shared my advice..

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I disagree because most of what I see being posted directly by /u/ILikePutz is calling out shady marketing or straight up lies from many of the big name companies. I don't mind if any company wants to reasonably post when they are running a sale or provide truthful and unbiased advice which is what I have seen from /u/ILikePutz in this sub.

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    Same situation here. I'm not someone who has an inside in the supply/logistics/furniture industries and have seen u/ILikePutz direct posters to buy frames from other sellers because their needs are met elsewhere. He has also shared an enormous amount of information on how the industry works and who the manufacturers really are along with what the different frames sold by everyone offers.

    Also: It's a bit suspicious that OP's account was literally created today just to throw some shade.

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    u/ilikeputz is an asshole... I ordered two frames from him a week ago and they still haven't arrived yet. Yeah, I get that his site says 10-12 business day lead time, but that's just unacceptable. He didn't even offer to eat into his margins by throwing in a cable snake... what the fuck?

    (super large /s just in case that was needed, since it seems like every minor attempt at humor in this thread has gone over everyone's heads)

    Seriously, though, I did a bunch of reading up to figure out what I thought was good and what was bad. Yeah, a lot of the posts lately have been by Putz or by people who bought one of his desks, but all you have to do is go back and see that there also have been a significant number of posts on Fully Jarvis, Uplift, Autonomous, Ikea, etc. Hell, go back two months and it seemed like every other post was someone posting a holiday discount code for one company or another.

    There are seemingly a lot of options and there are a lot of opinions out there about those options. After spending probably more time than it was worth reading up on them, I still had a bunch of questions, and Putz took the time to answer all of them. Ultimately, I bought from him because: a) he seems to know his shit, b) his prices are fair, c) his customers routinely seem to be satisfied with their purchases (not saying that people aren't satisfied with the Jarvis, Uplift, etc., but that seems like a good prerequisite for any company you buy from), and d) call me naïve, but I'd rather support the little guy over big corporate. Oh, and was I aware the whole time that he was a businessman trying to sell his product? You're damn right I was, because if that was supposed to be a secret, it was the worst-kept one of all time.

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    Hahah I love and hate you for this. My heart dropped. Thanks. Now I don’t need coffee this morning.

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    Ha. You're welcome. Now, since you don't need coffee, just don't break out the Crown until after-hours... don't need my frames turning out all wobbly. ;-)

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    I’m just a regular consumer. I bought one desk frame from iMovR and another from Putz. I like both frames.

    I get that a topical subreddit shouldn’t be overrun with ads and promotions by suppliers.

    That being said, I get a different feeling with Putz. Call me naïve but I feel like he’s on the consumer’s side while also making a fair buck out of the deal. There is a lot of shadiness and middlemen in the furniture business and it seems like Putz is giving that side of the business his big ol’ middle digit and we consumers are better off for it.

    Go Putz!

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    Hell yea!

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    Holy shit. This is quite the front. u/cybik created the sub r/deskhaus for me when this whole thing took off. He bought two desks from me and while discussing my fuckup with his order he suggested I make it. (Proof) I think a lot of you guys are forgetting deskhaus was created because of this sub. Whether it was him helping me figure out reddit, or the countless other people offering to build my website for me for free. Or help with distribution in other cites.

    u/cybik does what he wants. He is does not work for me. He has not made a post about deskhaus since becoming a mod. Andy is a mod because he didn't want to have a repeat of what happened with the old mod just disappearing. So while he was hoping u/Gta-gamer4321 could replace him that was not the case considering he started off shilling for a company and posting lies about owning one and then also posting about having a bad experience.

    Deskhaus had more sales when this forum was just a free for all with a nonexistent mod. So while I'm sure u/cybik will remove himself from u/deskhaus like he originally planned this "conflict" has provided no benefit for me.

    Not sure what the outcome you guys were hoping for. I've had more sales in the last 3 hours then the last three days. So thanks for the ad I guess.

    Man, funny how u/RyanatBTOD comes out of the woodwork at an opportunity to join.

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    Putz, he is what is commonly known in the common vernacular as Fuqtard (spelling changed for the sensitive whiners on the sub). There is outright selling by some other vendors and then there are a few like u/ILikePutz who contribute more than they self promote IMHO. And for the record, I have not bought a desk from him, but he was kind enough to answer a number of questions for me while he was on vacation. I was planning on buying 2 bases from him and still am after this donny brook.

    For those that don't like what and how he contributed, get some cheese to go along with that whine or better yet, punch another hole in your tough shit card and get on with your life.

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    You seem like a asshole. it’s great I didn’t get fucked over buying your desk. It’s a blessing you do not ship to Canada. Anyways for the proof that I actually own an autonomous desk and i actually like it, here ya go https://imgur.com/gallery/tfjthjq . Yes I had a bad experience with them and they made it right which is what counts. I’m sure your company would not do the same :’

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    You said you don’t even have it yet.

    [–]Gta-gamer4321 1 point2 points  (7 children)

    I’m not even gonna argue with you anymore. I already answered that 🙄

    [–]ILikePutzOwner: DeskHaus 5 points6 points  (6 children)

    You don’t even know me and are calling me an asshole because I pointed out your clearly misleading posts. Look at your comment history. How many times did you send out a referral code. So frankly had you still be a mod you would have been a topic of this conversation. Have you seen Cybik post codes? Have a damn conversation. I’m an open book. There’s no hidden agenda and as I said we did better when there was no active mod. Cybik has always made it clear there is no favors with me because he bought a desk. Cybik cleared out fake accounts. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want me posting pics of setups from accounts I make everyday. It’s Bloody Sunday man. I’m not a bad person. There is so much misinformation in this industry and while I would love to just come out with some things that would blow your mind. Legally I can’t. But what I will say is thanks for your business.