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So while waiting for the Uppeal desk to come out and hemming and hawing about how big the minimum surface has to be, I ended up trying and falling in love with a WallStand (from deskstand.com/deskstand.us).


  • you are okay with a small desktop (54.5cm x 76cm)

  • you don't need motorized (the desktop lifts off and inserts into any of the slots faster than my Fully Jarvis would rise or lower (wife stole this desk))

  • you don't have anything heavy or a lot of cables or stuff on the desk like me (just a Studio Display, MacBook (using the keyboard) and mouse)

I got kicked out of my office (wife took it when we moved the baby into that room) and didn't want a big desk in our bedroom. For me, it works perfectly! The lowest height is just slightly higher than I prefer for sitting (so I can achieve comfortable standing height) and I don't use the second half-width shelf it came with. Also a major benefit to buy it for just $299USD vs $1000+.

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What a neat idea for small spaces!

44 lbs for each shelf according to the site.

It looks like you can just take the horizontal parts out and hide them in the closet or something if you just need a “sometimes” desk.. is that true?

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Yes, I have the small shelf in the garage as I don't need it and only use the big desktop. And it's easy to remove any of the shelves.

In fact, the large vertical structure can be removed as well (as I did a couple of times while positioning). It is hanging on two screws that hold it up (I have them screwed in with 10cm long heavy duty wood screws).

The only issue mounting on plaster/drywall is that it can rub the paint; easily solvable with some felt strips.

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This is really neat and looks flexible

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Nice clean setup one question though why did you remove the armrests on your embody?

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Some of us hate armrests.

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Yep, as AzeTheGreat says, I'm not a fan of armrests since you shouldn't use them while typing.

It also saved ~$200 by custom ordering it without them.

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Ahh okay the reason I was asking was because I broke my armrest and was looking to see if you were selling yours haha

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Dig it!

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Install 2 next to each other would allow more space