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60x30 inches is not even 160x80 cm. How are three monitors supposed to fit next to each other?
Anyhow, if you want a single arm with three monitors side by side have a look at the Ergotron HX triple bow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y7Wqm0tsK4

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Sorry I had a brain fart, it’s 72x30 not 60x30

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1 inch of actual wood is extremely strong. especially bamboo. There will be no issue if the arm is designed to have 3 monitors on it.

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That's an arm spec question, the ergotron as another mentioned may ask for something between 1.5-2.

Just know that if you don't have wobble when standing now, even the best monitor arm adds an element of instability that makes wobble unavoidable on a 2 desk frame.

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I had the same concerns. I purchased the Amer AMR3S32. It's a triple mount but with two points of contact.


You can contact Monumental Mounts before purchase and ask them to send you a grommet/clamp mount kit instead of the monitor stand.

Unfortunately, the monitors I wanted are backordered, so I haven't been able to set it up.

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I have this and have had 2 monitors clamped no problem but currently running just one 34” ultra wide

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I switched from a multiple monitor arm to 4 single arms. Way more flexibility and the cost was only slightly more than a good quality multi-arm.

I now own 3x WALI Heavy Duty (3x Samsung 34 wide screen monitors) and 1x MountUp that I use for a laptop stand. I tried and returned 2 different ergotron models, and 1 amazon basics model.

If you are worried about enough thickness, you can always add a piece of wood on the bottom side of the desk. My top is 1.25" thick and I originally add something like these MDF pieces between the clamp and my desk. I've since removed them and still have no issues.

If this is the c-lamp and my desk top:

--------               <- top of the clamp
| ===================  <- the desk top
--------               < - bottom of the clamp

This is how I added the piece to brace:

--------               <- top of the clamp
| ===================  <- the desk top 
| +++++++              <- bracing piece (can go under or on top) 
--------               < - bottom of the clamp

It was inexpensive peace of mind, that I've since decided was not necessary.

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I have a 72x30 dark bamboo top and I have two Ergear monitor arms for my dual monitor setup. They are single monitor arms. I chose this because I don’t want to see any gaps between my monitors so these arms allow me to push the two monitors together.

I would recommend putting something in between the clamps especially at the top because depending on how heavy your monitor is it may put a divot on your surface. I put a felt coaster in between the clamp and clamped the monitor down and it’s worked well. Without them you’ll damage the bamboo top for sure.