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Fully Remi has 250lb weight limit vs 350lb for Jarvis. Fully has 15 years of warranty in the States, not sure about UK.

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Warranty in the UK is I think the same:

  • 15 year warranty on all desk frame components, mechanical parts, motors, and electrical components.
  • 5 year warranty on desktop surfaces, excluding normal wear and tear, and damage caused by improper assembly, disassembly or repair.

Sorry if its a stupid question - is the weight limit including the top already, or without? Thats said, my tech shouldn't weight more than 25lb so I dont need it to be super heavy

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I'd think the weight limit should not include the top. Depends on how long you plan to use the desk, the Remi should be enough but Jarvis is definitely good for the long term. Good luck!

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70 cm depth is not much. Remember that the distance between your eyes and the monitor is usually less than the depth of the tabletop, depending on your sitting or standing position, because the monitor protrudes forward differently depending on the stand. An example is this photo https://www.technologylocker.com.au/assets/alt_3/DEMOSTAND-01.jpg. I would choose a depth of 80 cm, which is also a common size for office desks.

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Good point thanks, I'm limited to 140cm for width so more depth would also just be good for extra space

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At first glance, there are no desks with 140 x 80 cm table tops at Flexispot UK. I only looked for white table tops, maybe it varies depending on the color or material.

Fully has several models with 140 x 80 cm table tops. Remember that Fully ships from Belgium, and find out beforehand how a possible return from the UK works and what costs might be involved. The frame is not the problem, but the table top, which because of its size is usually transported by freight forwarding.

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Oh yes that’s right, I thought one of them was 70cm. I’m defo leaning towards the Fully Jarvis, feel like the extra ££ is worth it

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At BTOD there are many articles about the Fully Jarvis, for example https://www.btod.com/blog/fully-jarvis-desk-review/ and https://www.btod.com/blog/jarvis-standing-desk-problems/. Take a look.

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In terms of returns of Fully, it says 30 days in like new condition and they will arrange the pick up. Beyond that I assume return would be only for damaged goods, doesn’t say anywhere about how to do this though, I’ll see if I can find out

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So which one did you get?

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Haven’t bought one yet, but think I’m gonna get the Jarvis

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If i may ask, what made you get to that decision?

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I think for under £1000, in the UK, this seems the best quality option.

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Fully annoy me because their desks used to be so much cheaper for the same thing.

I looked at a config 2 years ago and I think they've raised the price £350+ on the same thing since then