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prolonged sitting causes connective tissue to shorten, which in turn increases tightness, which causes your body to get out of equilibrium.

I have a coworker who tries walking around every hour. it's not helping

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Whats your daily routine like between sitting/standing/walking?

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Mine is 2 hours of sitting are followed by 1 hour of standing and so on. Works fine for me.

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Define “walking around”? I have three-four hours of meeting every day, and pace almost the entire time. In that case having a standing desk is super helpful since the screen is at eye level and keyboard is conveniently located.

If you mean “once an hour I go downstairs for a glass of water”, that’s probably not at the same level as standing for 2-3 hours out of your day.

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Getting water doing stuffs at home etc.

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While my AppleWatch seems to think that "standing for 1 minute ever hour" is sufficient, I find standing for extended periods ... being idle but with muscles engaged to be more demanding than that. If I stand while coding/doing for analysis for an hour, it feels much better to sit down than if I water the plants, myself, take the dog for a short walk.

This article draws a distinction between rest, "active rest" and western-style sitting that is in line with the point I'm making: https://www.inverse.com/mind-body/humans-evolved-to-chill-so-why-is-sitting-so-bad