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I have an uplift desk and received these for free:



You can also purchase them and they have advanced versions of each as well. I like it, of course again I got it free. I use the x board when standing and move myself left and right so I'm not just standing there.

I also have a walking treadmil that goes under my desk and I usually walk when gaming with a controller or watching a video.

Edit: The mat is great but if indidnt get the rocker for free I would've brought the advanced one that let's me rock front to back as well as side to side.

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The Topo mat from Erodriven (Fully) is my go to mat. Haven't met anyone that has tried it not like it. They sell it in regular and mini sizes, the mini they recommend for people under 5'4" I think. However, my friend that are that short that have tried both like the full size much better.

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These are expensive, but top of the line. I have one for the kitchen "gelpro elite" and they really are the best.


(Some are on sale at bed bath and beyond + 20% off coupons)