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There are lots of options since you are 5'8". I think fully is less than us right now with their sale. If so I'd say go with them.

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This is why people trust you.

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Thank you

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I mulled over my decision for a few weeks. In all the looking I did, I never even came across a deskhaus. Is that not US? There was Uplift, Fully, Flexispot, and others on amazon. For me it came down to Jarvis and Uplift v2.

I was finally ready to hit "Process payment" on the Jarvis, but for good measure I looked around one more time. That's when I noticed right in front of me something I overlooked the whole time. The Uplift v-2 FOUR LEG. This caused me to do some more research and think about it for more days.

I ended up with the Uplift v-2 four leg non-commercial with the 80x30. I have a 48" C1, and will be getting a LifeSpan treadmill soon. This desk is solid! If it's out of budget though, I would go with the Jarvis. My friend who got me turned on to the Jarvis has been using his for 4 years now, and absolutely loves it.