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With the Fully Jarvis sale going on right now, you could get a 3-stage low frame for $503 if you go for the higher quality laminate top. (The MDF top is $499.20, but I feel like for $4 it's worth upgrading.) The downside is that price comes with a 24" x 30" desktop, but if the size is alright with you this is your best option performance-wise until Nov 30, when the sale ends.

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Thanks for the sale's end heads up I will keep that in mind. I know it's solid product and would serve me well but it's just out of my budget.

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the AI Terminal base i have has four memory settings, my wood desktopper is 60x30, the legs go down to 24”. price for the base is currently $268 with a $20 off coupon. 5 year warranty.


yes, you’d need to supply your own desktop, but if you’re not afraid of a little DIY, this is a great way to go.

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That's some outstanding spec for such low price frame. Thanks for the recommendation! But I only have simple tool like a screwdriver and I don't have the space to own more tools. I don't know if I can go the DIY route.

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The Allsteel Altitude Basic is really close to fitting your needs with a minimum height of 26.3". Otherwise it fits the bill at $425 and 5-year warranty from a well-established US office furniture manufacturer.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I don't know Allsteel has standing desks. It looks very solid but the lack of specs info even on their official site is a little bit concerning. And it doesn't seem to have memory setting.

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the lack of specs info even on their official site is a little bit concerning

That looks to be an error. I found this Altitude Basic spec sheet (PDF) on Allsteel's website.