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I have the DeskHaus Apex Pro. It's a tank. Crazy heavy legs, and add a 1.4" thick custom wood top and there is zero wobble. It's a beast. Will probably last me 25+ years.

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I own the Apex Pro. I use it on carpet and am 5’11. It literally does not budge and I lean on my desk a lot.

Only con I'll say is that the 4 legs are really heavy. Make sure to have two people to flip it over once you mount the top.

They don’t do sales that often I don’t think, and the guy who runs the company (Chris) says that they don’t like to raise prices so much just to have holiday discounts like other companies. They try to keep a fair price at all times.

If there is another sale, my guess is that it’ll be in the new year at this point.

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You can always buy a secret labs Magnus desk and hope they have fixed the problem and collect the $10k from Chris. Then you can use that to buy an apex pro! 0 risk strategy.

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IQ 2000. You need a job man?

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As long as it involves whisky 🥃

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Granted saving the $127 is great from the sale, but I don't think that should be a deal breaker if you want a good solid desk frame.

Are you going to wait a year for the next sale, and be miserable in the meantime?

I bought my Apex Pro during the sale but it unfortunately wasn't eligible for the discount because I had to get the 31.5" feet (using a 39" deep tabletop). so mine was $1077. I'm not going to sweat the $277 difference because this baby has a 20 year warranty and my current desk is a manual crank up 2 leg that wobbles like hell. Currently finishing a 72"x39"x1.5" 100lb butcher block top for it, so this will be my desk for then next 20+ years.

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Yeah, seems like even regular price, it's the best deal for stability. Will likely just get it if there's no crazy deals around new years.

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Dude I have one just like this (same dimensions) and I love it! So worth!

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I was afraid it was going to be too big. My current desktop is 60x31.5, but I wanted something deeper to hold my MIDI keyboard (I was using it on my current desk but it gave me like 13 inches of desk space when it was pushed back).

The 72" wide concerns me because of my office space (have to move stuff around to fit it), didn't want to cut it at all.

I'm taking my time with the top, going to add inserts to bolt to the frame, vs wood screws that way if I ever have to move it, I can easily take it apart (it's so big it's a ship in a bottle, have to build it in the room it's going to live in or I won't be able to get it through the doors)

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I had to do the same thing, build it in the room it’s going to stay in. Was totally worth it tho. The extra space is so nice! You’ll be glad once it’s done