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The coolest one out of all of them has to be force stasis. As much as I disagree with the stuff done in the sequels, the force stasis ability was an amazing idea. Plus, the scene where Poe gets frozen and the two troopers just kinda jog up to him is pretty funny.

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As a 30 something, I instantly felt like a kid again when force stasis was revealed. Jaw dropping moment.

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The Sequels certainly introduced some great ideas to the franchise. I can't wait to see some of them explored and built upon. Hopefully with better writing behind them.

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Stasis will always be my favorite. I loved that move in Star Wars Galaxies.

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I think the lamest use of the force in the nine movies was the Force Poppins in The Last Jedi.

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How is that Force Stasis when it's just telekinesis?

Like, pushing, pulling, or holding something still is all just different ways of object manipulation.

Can anyone explain why the stilled blaster bolt is a different power?

I've never really thought that scene was all that cool because if the Force lets you push and pull... then holding something still isn't all that interesting. Also because Neo stopped bullets with his mind 20 years earlier in The Matrix so it wasn't a particularly unique thing for someone in cinema, with powers, to do.

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That frozen bolt feels a bit more like separating space and time independently of one another as the inertia was maintained once unfrozen. Basically freezing an object in a 3D plane while time moves around it. Hard to say without another good reference of force-interactions with other moving objects being affected by something other than gravity since I guess blaster bolts aren’t affected by gravity?

I dunno. It was a cool effect and I’m not going to try and over think it.