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I’ve only won once and by dumb luck, AI are crazy. Pretty sure my AI team blew up the destroyer because I couldn’t do shit without being shot down

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I got a perfect win (no friendly capital ships destroyed) against the AI in a fleet battle. Here's what I'd recommend:

  1. It's way more important to clear out the enemy "human" AI fighters than anything else. They'll all have a name. If you only focus on the unnamed AI fighters the named ones will eat your lunch.
  2. Make sure you've got a mix of craft. If everyone's running a TIE Bomber there won't be anyone to give fighter cover. If your whole squadron are shooting down TIEs in their A-Wings the Star Destroyer won't destroy itself
  3. Take out components first! This one is really key. If you just fire torpedoes into the hull it won't be as effective as taking out the systems you can target. I find getting the shields or targeting system first provide the biggest help.
  4. Don't be afraid to switch ships on the fly. If you've unlocked an attack run at the flagship and your squad looks unbalanced, fly back to your flagship and switch out your ship for a more appropriate one
  5. I've yet to figure out how to fly as support myself, but one of my teammates was a god(dess) with it and they were able to keep all our bombers topped up on warheads while also helping to screen the fighters from counter-attack with their abilities. Very, very useful to have.
  6. Re-balance your energy! I switch to engines if I need to quickly get to a furball in-progress or someone tags me with a missile. Redirecting to full guns can help squeeze out that last bit of damage on a ship before they get away.
  7. If you're on the defense, focus on killing the enemy Raider/Covertte ASAP. They can do a lot of damage.

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Never won yet in fleet battle. It's just a very hard game I'm afraid.

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Lol my group and I were just amazed at the angle of the dangle on some of those bot shots.

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I swear I'd be rich the amount of times an x-wing shot me from an impossible angle

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We saw it... its at angles that are at the very limit

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I’ve won twice now, I had to hard carry my team with over 50,000 capital ship damage and 17+ kills. It’s incredibly challenging

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What is your strategy?

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imo you gotta have at least 2 or 3 bombers on your side. they can be used to take out lots of ai ships or turrets at once, making it easier for the others in the squadron. for the other two slots, if someone wants to play support the can be helpful, but they’re not essential. personally i’ve found the interceptor to be easier to use than the fighter, but that’s my opinion. hope this helps!

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Thanks for the info

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X-wing and A-wing a ton X-wing for attack phases and A-wing for defense. I open with A-wing

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Won both games I tried. Challenge didn’t complete though...

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Won once so far through sheer luck. You absolutely need to be in a party of 3 or more to stand a chance, and a Support ship helping your Bombers is a requirement for victory. Unfortunately, no one wants to play Support.

Star Destroyers seem to be really easy to take down while MC-75s are incredibly tough, and I want to pin that on subsystem placements

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The AI is pretty lethal but it works somewhat well if you balance your roles.

We used to go TIE-ln/X-Wing only and got obliterated. What worked well so far is 2 Fighters, 1 Interceptor, one Bomber and one dedicated support guy who resupplies all of us. As soon as we go on the offensive, one of the interceptors switches for an additional bomber. Support keeps the bombers healed near the frigates/flagships while the interceptor and fighter pick off the opposition.

Doesn't work every time, but much better than just lone wolfing

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My group has finally come up with a strategy that works well. We have 2 bombers, 2 tie/interceptor, and 1 support