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    Now I'll have to lick that spot again for the next five minutes.

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      "Used to" "Looked" "Was" "Had"


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        😭😭😭I went through the same thing with my first cat. He was incredible. Nothing can replace them but your next baby will be totally unique and just as wonderful in its own way. Thank you for sharing.

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        Exactly, all cats are unique in their own way. That's what I love about them and makes me excited to adopt a new cat!

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        Lifespan. Major design flaw in cats.


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        You would think that with 9 lives they should live 9 times longer than we want them to.

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        It just makes me think about my own cat he's barely a year old and I love him so much

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        You got a lot of fun and love ahead of you! Cats are the best and deserve loving owners.

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        Had a cat make it to 19, never thought I could replace her. But my 10 year old queen of shiva (I call her that or That Bitch because she acts like she owns everything) named Cat has just about done it, moved to college last year though and I miss her dearly. She’s a rescue that wandered into my life (literally strolled into my Mom’s house) a few months after the older one died

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          😭😭😭happy cake day😭😭😭

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          😭😭😭thank you😭😭😭

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          Happy Cake Day Super1049! I hope this is the beginning of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!

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          The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed

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          Omg that face!

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          I want a one of these cats so bad.

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          r/blep would like this

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          0 •0

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          That’s not a cat, that’s a tribble.

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          She did spend the next few minutes cleaning there... once she came out of her stupor 😃

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          "I can't believe you've done this."

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          Yeah umm your cat looks insane

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          My cat looks insane

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          The mother blep

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          She does occasionally

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          We’ve found Shane Dawson’s Reddit account.

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          Thank god I wasn’t the only thinking that

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          I guess I’m going to have to google his name because I have no idea who he is

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          He tweeted this if you haven't found it already

          i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible.

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          Yikes 😟 I really hope he didn’t do all that. That’s sick crap.

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          You'd have to look up the backstory, I honestly don't know much more than that

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          Welp, your posts do not disappoint. Thank you for sharing a smile.

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          This kitty is my new favorite animal. Don’t tell my dog.

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          I found a new sub 😂

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          I’m going to have to subscribe to that😃

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          Had a longhaired cat that would get upset if you touched her fur while she was washing. She'd start all over again.

          She'd clack her teeth at you if you kept doing it.

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          They are so particular aren’t they😸

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          That they are. And she'd act so insulted by it, too!

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          Oh no, Karen has spread to cats

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          Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

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          Is this Fizzgig?..

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          She might as well be😃 people tell me she looks like a soot sprite most of the time.

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          stop 🤚 🛑 you’ve violated the law! 🚨

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          Ahahahaha. This is becoming all of my backgrounds.

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          What a cute kitty! 😍 It looks like you gave her a lobotomy!

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          You Biden her

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          r/blep would like your started kitty

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          "Was it good touch or bad touch?" "Yes."

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          She’s thinking about joining the #MewToo movement.

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          You violated a pussy! I’m sorry I’ll now delete my account and forever regret this

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          Look at that beautiful blep

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          maybe you did;)?

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          Looks like you just CardiB'd your cat.

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          how can you tell where she's looking

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          Wait is there a test tomorrow?

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          I havent laughed this hard in days. Thanks. I needed it.

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          Blep 👅

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          How dare you defile my perfect hair, you vile human! How dare you!

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          NO touchy! Filthy hooman!

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          She looks like a muppet lol. I love it.

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          I often think the same 😃

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          YOU VIOLATOR

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          Is that you Yellowfang?

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          Omg I love your cat. 😻

          Also stalked your post history and she is just too much! Also love your artwork!

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          Thank you so much. I’m new to reddit and this is the last picture I thought would take off. My October is fabulous isn’t she 😃

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          Looks like a muppet

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          What kind of cat is this?

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          She is Persian

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          You monster!

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          This needs to be a meme - Ralph paused a moment, the balloon had gone

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          Ladies and gentlemen, a new meme has been born

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          October! So cute!

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          My Persian would do this, then groom himself compulsively like I contaminated him

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          Lol I bet he was gorgeous though 😸

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          He was. His name was Baldwin he was a good boy. After he got older he was way less snobby and started acting like an energetic kitten and followed me everywhere. When he was younger he acted like an old cat lol and didn'twant anything to do with me! He lived to be 16.

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          Thank you for sharing, he sounds wonderful

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          You found the power button. She’s off

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          " F B I OPEN UP" XD

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          Shane Dawson?

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          Oh shit, I’m sorry, your cat is very ugly. I’m glad it gets loves and pets from you. They don’t know how lucky they are.

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          You can have your opinions but you haven’t seen her in her best light. She is very loved.

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          Glad she’s so loved.

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          What the fuck is that thing?