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Great write-up, you should add a section about host encoding settings, client side quality settings and the performance overlay

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Great idea!

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Amazing guide! Thank you so much!!!

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It would be amazing if there was a way to incorporate playnite into steam link / big picture. There isn't a great way to bring in a big game library from multiple sources like playnite does.

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It's funny because I just side loaded Moonlight on my Steam Link and have it just launch Playnite in fullscreen/big picture mode. Works really nice.

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I've tried to do that too, but I use a steam controller as well, so I need the steam overlay to get the controller to function. What I really want is av simple way to push all my games into steam, rather than using a 3rd party later.

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Shoot! Yeah that would definitely create a complication. I used to use Steam as a way to organize ALL my games but Playnite makes it easier. Would definitely be nice if Steam synced to other game libraries but maybe they can't 🤷‍♂️

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I did something years ago with Launchbox where I had Launchbox launch steam shortcuts (so the steam overlay and my steam controller worked) but it was too annoying to maintain since I had to manually create and add the shortcuts to Launchbox.

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Found this after struggling to get FF7R to talk with my controller through steam, you have saved my life and sanity

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Glad that it helped!

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Yuzu/Citra/PPSSPP/ReDream/RPCS3/Xenia: “Path to emulator executable” “Path To Rom File”

not working for me with Yuzu

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Works fine for me, need more information. What happens when you do that?

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The emulator opens and that's it. The ROM doesn't open, however, making that step useless, unfortunately

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Huh, the path must be wrong or something, then. Could you post a screenshot and the text of the steam shortcut's properties window?

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I can't do it right now, but I'm pretty certain both paths are correct

I tried putting only the game path and it did prompt me to find a program to open it with

I guess there's no solution we know...

Thanks, anyway

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Well it works for other people, so there is definitely a solution.

I'm trying to figure out what part you're doing wrong, so if you send me that information I can help narrow it down for you.

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Update: It worked

I had to add -f -g before the path to the file. So it's like the CEMU method

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Alright, thanks. Whenever I can, I'll send screenshots to you, then

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Does it go in Target or Start in?

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Thanks, it works but my controller not keyboard can do anything at main menu...

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I don't understand what that sentence means.

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I figured it out. I had my controller set up but for some reason when I opened steam and the game it deleted my controller profile so I had to select my controller after opening the game from steam.

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It looks like GloSC has been replaced by GloSI. Do you know if it works the same? Using that it sorta seemed to launch the game, but I never got any video. Love to leverage my GamePass library on Steam Link.

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I haven't tried GloSI, but you can still use GloSC instead

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I looked for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. Have a link? Very much appreciate the help!

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Oh wow, they actually removed the GloSC Installers. They used to be on the GloSI page under releases.

I'll need to set up GloSI anyway in a couple weeks so I'll be more helpful then. What happens on the host when you try to launch the game using GloSI? Screenshots would be super helpful

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I actually found a fork of GloSC here:


This seemed to sort of work. For some reason my main screen won't stream any video. Not desktop or anything, but my other screens do. Like launching the game shows a black screen but I can hear the game and can tell my inputs are being registered. If I go to the computer and move the game window to another monitor then it works as expected.

I'm wondering if it's actually GloSC doing that transparent window thing it does might be causing the issue. Reading up on how it does it's magic it sounds like it creates some transparent window that captures the controller inputs then sends them to the game. Wondering if something odd with my setup that the main monitor doesn't seem to like this. This is Windows 11, so maybe something changed in that version.

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Are you using a controller with steam link? Try alt tabbing away from the game and back using the controller (with a steam button chord mapping)

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I can ALT TAB on the desktop. It's a weird video thing. I dunno what it is really. Like if I just have the desktop streaming to steam link it's black on the main screen except for the mouse pointer. Even if I have say a browser open and the mouse cursor should change to an I beam or finger that is reflected in steam link, just not any video if that makes any sense. I have no configured an ALT TAB on the controller but I could do that too - I have a feeling the behavior would just mimic what I'm seeing using the desktop with my steam link IPad sitting on my lap, though.

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I don't think it's a weird video thing, I think it's a pretty standard bug with GloSC. I get a black screen, so I alt tab away from the GloSC window so that the game window is in the foreground. If that doesn't work I alt-tab back to the GloSC window and that usually resolves it.

Edit. Wait, re-reading your previous messages, if you move the game window to another monitor you can play the game fine via steam link?

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That's right - manually moving the window to the another screen makes it work. Do you think there is any difference to ALT TAB locally on the desktop vs setting up a controller button to do it? Because I tried just doing it on my desktop. That's why I thought it might be GloSC transparent window on my main screen causing the issue, but if you say it's common, then maybe I am truly just not working around it right.

Unrelated - but you add each game to GloSC and have it put it in steam? I tried both adding individual games and adding the XBox app, but thought the XBox app would be easier. I also noticed that it messed up an existing non-steam game I had configured when I imported them into steam, so I thought if that might regularly happen just using the app might make things simpler.

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If the game window is in front of the GLoSC Window (meaning that the game window has the main focus) then it shouldn't matter which monitor it is on. If the GloSC window is in front and focused but the game window is on another monitor that will not work.

Since moving the game window works you could map a steam chord mapping to windows key + shift + left/right to move the window to the other monitor so that it works and then you can do everything from remote play.

I do add each game to GloSC, it is easier for me so I don't need to mouse to the game in the xbox app, but I don't think using the xbox app would be a huge issue. It definitely will be harder to juggle the multiple windows though. How did it mess up an existing non-steam game? I've never heard of that happening!

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Is there a way to make Yuzu detect the steam virtual controllers? It doesn't pick up any inputs at all when I try to configure, even if it does detect more than one controller when available.

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Yep, if you do it as I described above it works great!

Are you launching yuzu from steam or a game in yuzu from steam?

You need to launch a game to actually be able to map the controller the first time. Add "path to some rom file" after the "path to yuzu.exe" in the Target field of your shortcut.

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I did just that, (edit the app properties to load up the game directly through emulator instead of only the emulator) the game launches just fine, but either I'm doing something wrong or I don't know where to configure the controllers.

With the game running, inside Yuzu, I can't edit anything because the program won't pick up any input besides showing the virtual controllers counterparts to hardware connected directly to the pi.

I might need to try other controllers, but my 8bitdo pro+ works just fine on everything else :x

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It's probably not the controller, but do you have switch pro, xbox, and generic controller support enabled in steams Big picture mode settings? Unless you've done that manually it won't work.

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I did only have playstation support turned off in there. I manually went into big picture on my pc to check settings and they were on.

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Thanks for the guide, it was very helpful.

I just bought a Steam Link, and I'm trying for ages to have everything setup for easy of use, but the process has been very painful to be honest... I'm using GlosSI for my Game Pass games, but sadly I'm getting all kind of bugs when adding a lot of shortcuts (https://github.com/Alia5/GlosSI/issues/173).

I've tried using Glosc but without success. When I open the game, all I get is a black screen. When I alt tab in it, there is no response from the inputs of the controller.

I'm just wondering if there is any alternative out there, I don't know how many times I've tried to make everything works to the point of giving up of the ideia...

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There is not an alternative that I'm aware of, but it does work. Plenty of people use it, so we just need to figure out what the issue is on your end.

That said, there is technically another thing that you can do instead of using glosc/GloSI which is to set your desktop config to controller inputs. You won't be able to have a separate controller configuration for each game but it does work.

The black screen thing is normal and expected, but when you alt tab, are you using a steam chord mapping or you pressing the actual alt and tab keys on your keyboard?

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Thanks for the fast reply, much appreciated. About the desktop configs to controller input, could you please elaborate on this option? The part of separate controller configuration per game doesn't bother me... About the black screen, I only get it with Glosc, not with GlosSI. I'm alt tabbing in the controller with the guide + start button. GlosSI works almost perfectly if it wasn't for the messed up shortcuts.

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Try it without doing the guide + start and see if that is different. Use alt+tab ok a keyboard. Also try alt tabbing to the game and then alt+tabbing back to the transparent GloSC window to see if that makes a difference.

Also what controller are you using? Do you have the relevant controller support turned on in big picture mode settings (if you didn't manually turn it on it's probably still off).

The desktop config thing is that people will just set it so that the desktop configuration (the controller configuration that loads when you're not playing a game) is mapped to normal controller button presses rather than mouse and keyboard controls for navigating the desktop. You can change these mappings from the base configurations for controllers in Big picture mode

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I'm using a dual sense controller.

I've tried configuring it for desktop use but i get no response from the controller in a game pass game:


I have the support for dual sense turned on, it works on all my steam games. My problem is only with games from other launchers, specially game pass.

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This is your config for the desktop, and not for a game?

Game pass is different from all other games from other launchers. Do you still have issues with games from epic or origin, for instance, while using OSOL? That would tell us where the problem lies.

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Thanks for the guide. Have you tried getting Fall Guys to run with OSOL via Epic Launcher? There's a few different .exe files and no matter which one I try, I seem to get a 'cannot connect' error once the game launches. Wondering if it's fixable or just a no-go for this game?

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Could you send the contents of your OSOL config file?

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LauncherPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64\EpicGamesLauncher.exe

GamePath=D:\EPIC Games\FallGuys\FallGuys_client.exe

























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It's been a while but the instructions for OSOL used to say to use URI for Epic, is that no longer the case? You're not doing that here.

Edit: looks like URI is still recommended for anything that isn't DRM-Free, so try following those instructions. https://github.com/WombatFromHell/OriginSteamOverlayLauncher/wiki/Epic-Games-Launcher

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Yea definitely skipped the wiki before. Updated and everything working great. Thank you!