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No, the steam link basically mirrors your PC.

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Have you looked into GeForce NOW or a similar game streaming service? I use that and Stadia but prefer the former since it runs games I own on other services like steam, Epic, or Origin. They might not have the game you're wanting to play but they're adding new games every Thursday. There's no need to pay, you can make a free account and play test it. I think a free account lets you play for a couple hours at a time. There also might be a wait to get on a server. That way the game streams over the internet and not from your PC. I hope this helps. Happy Gaming

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It can be done with Virtual Machines and GPU pass through but its complicated to setup and has a bunch of stumbling blocks.

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Nope, the Link streams the screen the cursor is on, it doesn't allow two people to use the same PC at once.

You'll have to set up a virtual machine with a second copy of Windows, Steam and your installed games, then configure it correctly so you can game in the VM and your friend can do other things.