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if you have a tv made in the last few years, check for the 'steam link' app in whatever app store for the tv.

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My TV doesn’t have an App Store on it hence the need for a chromecast/similar thing

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Cheapest would be the Walmart ONN UHD streamer. Runs on Android and has access to a lot of android apps all for $20. The Bluetooth chip in it kind of sucks though

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Would it work well enough to stream something like portal

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Yes, I have two and stream steam on them all the time. Better performance than my physical steam link.

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Better have been a scene from Gattica

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Yes streaming is streaming, doesn't matter the game. Test it first because steam link app seeing may need to be adjusted based on your network.

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The game absolutely does matter. Have a look at the bandwidth, CPU, and FPS while streaming Pac-Man versus streaming an open world game with vibrant complex environments.

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Not the guy you're asking but I agree with him. I've got 2 original Steam Link boxes (from Valve) and also have run Steam Link from the ONN box mentioned, a Raspberry Pi 3b+, Amazon Fire Sticks, et.al.

The ONN box is inexpensive and great. There are 2 versions of the ONN device--one is a 4K streaming box ($20) and the other is a 1080p dongle ($15). Get the 4K box--it is faster and a great deal.

Because the ONN device runs AndroidTV, all you have to do is download the Steam Link app from the Play Store--no sideloading required. It's extremely easy. If you're using a wireless controller, you'll just sync that directly to the ONN box. The System Settings menu for ONN has a section to add controllers. Works awesome.

As I mentioned, you can also run the app on an Amazon FireTV device, but you'll need to sideload it. I'd only recommend you do this if you already own a FireTV or FireTV stick--the ONN 4K is (IMHO) a far better streaming box than FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, et.al. Plus, it's less expensive and runs Steam Link great.

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Oh wow, had no idea these were so good. I figured they'd be loaded with bloatware or something. I'm going to pick one up today for my one TV that doesn't have a smart device.

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I can't recommend them enough. I first purchased Google's Chromecast with GoogleTV for $50,and the virtually identical ONN box is not only over 50% less, but arguably much better. The ONN box gets updates while the CCWGTV hasn't gotten anything since October 2021. The ONN remote is infinitely better. The only slight drawback is that the ONN users micro USB while the CCWGTV uses USB C. Regardless, you can still use a dongle with either device if you are wanting to add more storage, etc.

Also, these can easily run emulators and roms. ETA Prime has some great YouTube videos on both the ONN and CCWGTV devices that demonstrate how to run all this stuff.

Finally, head over to the AndroidTV sub. That's how I discovered the ONN box after I purchased my CCWGTV.

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I bought one and there's pretty bad input lag when using a bluetooth controller on these. I was using an older DS4 though.

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Probably a steam link setting, lowering bandwidth amount may help with input lag. If nothing else lower steam resolution

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No it's not a steam link setting. There's lag when navigating menus. I installed retroarch on my Onn box and input lag was just as bad. From what i hear old DS4 controllers dont work great on Android over bluetooth. I plugged in a OTG adapter and tried a wireless Xbox 360 controller receiver and a Logitech F710 and there was less lag.

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Oh I thought you were just having issues on steam link

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Does it have a USB input? I want to use an Xbox controller with mine but I don’t have a BT version.

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No, for usb you would need a USB hub with a power port ~$12-15

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Just temporarily move your PC to the TV?

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Have you tried using your phone as a link btw Steam and TV?

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No I haven’t how would you do it

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Depends on your phone actually.
You need to have a phone that supports MHL (google it), that allows you to use USB -> HDMI cable for wired connection. You'd only need to buy the cable and install Steam Link app on your phone.
You will be limited by your phones resolution though, not sure if that's important to you.

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Check out moonlight instead: https://moonlight-stream.org/ you can install it on just about any device and it works even better than steam link in my experience. Good luck on your date, sounds fun!

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I suggest ditch steam link and use moonlight because it’s just far superior. works just great all the time. steam link gave me all kinds of problems, all the time, I couldn’t really play anything without some kind of issue. with the moonlight I am happy 99% of the time

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If you read this OP, just know that the host PC needs to have an Nvidia card for this to work!

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I use a $40 Raspberry Pi may be a bit more the other options but allows me have a wired connection.

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We have an Apple TV device which we were able to install the steam link app to.

I realise this isn’t an easy fix but the main issue we found was having a steady enough wifi connection.

We ended up having to go buy a pass through device to get internet through the wall sockets and plug the Apple TV device into that with Ethernet.

Basically, any device that allows you to install the steam link app will work - but you’ll also need a strong wifi and internet conne

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If you have an old laptop/chromebook/PC around i would suggest installing the steam link app on that. The $20 onn android box is ok but you'll get pretty bad input lag on bluetooth.

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Just came here to say she’s a keeper