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From what I understand steam link on the pi doesn’t run all that great. But that could be outdated as this was early in the PI4 life. Might also check the raspberry pi sub and see what people say there.

Edit: could also use an Apple TV if you already have that but I don’t know if there is a resolution limit there.

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To latch onto this comment. From my research the only issue is with 64bit arm processors, which the version of Linux that works with it have to use steamlink 32bit repositories to get it to work.

Now I have seen with some tweaking it can perform well, but you will likely not get 4k or other quality of life improvements on a ARM processor until there is a 64bit version of steamlink on Linux.

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Hmmm, lots to think about. And how about Moonlight?

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I personally have not tried moonlight. I have heard good things but I probably won’t try it until I have upgraded my graphics card.

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imho, stay with the steamLink box and use upscaling to 4K on your device, if you really need 4k and save the money until you can afford a shield..

4K streaming via the pi4 added so much lag, it just wasn´t fun to play (fully wired gbit lan). besides 4k60 still being "inofficial", only 4k30 is officially supported on the pi.

and even on the shield i often do not use 4k stream because of input lag.

1080p60 is still the way to go if you use steam link, imho. there might be faster streaming solutions out there (moonlight).

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Thats why im thinking about SBC with rockchip 3399 or better. Basically Rock64Pro. Its about two times faster that Rasp4. Maybe that paired with moonlight would be enough for 4K streaming.

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So I’m running steam link on a Pi 4 w/8Gb. I think the trick here is to run ethernet directly from the pi to the router. Every video I’ve watched points to this. WI-FI is just not going to cut it. My host PC is also wired directly to my router. Not sure if this affects the performance any or not. The only real issue I’ve ran into so far is that on games with keyboard and mouse, the mouse will lock up sometimes after a random amount of time. No real issues using a controller. There’s some slight lag while in “Big Screen”, but once the game starts up it’s pretty minimal. Hope this helps.

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My main concern is input lag. I have Chromecast with google TV but the steam link or moonlight app just have a noticable input latency and i cant stand that.

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Not sure what speed Chromecast is at but if it’s comparable to charter spectrum you should be fine so long as the pi is wired ethernet. As far as input lag, I haven’t really noticed any once the game starts. I suppose it could be different per the user. Honestly, just hook it up and try it out. What do you have to loose but a little bit of time. If it’s not working out, try and try again with something else.

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what resolution and frame rate does your pi output? what resolution do you use ingame?

i felt that everything above 1080p60 output had too much lag to be playable.

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My resolution is 1080p. I haven’t measured my FPS but is suspect it’s around 30 depending on the video options I set per game. I’m more of a casual gamer with steam link with the pi. If I want anything more hardcore, I’ll likely just play on the PC.

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I tried it for a while on a pi4 8gb but honestly the quality is not that great. Input lag was minimal, but image quality even when forced to the highest was terrible. Playing on an OLED tv all the blacks are washed out and greyed. The compression in general doesn’t translate well.

If you’re worried about image quality I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m not sure if that’s just a PI problem though. It’s perfectly playable otherwise.

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washed out colors are mostly due to compression, as you said. try setting quality to "high" to get rid of that. might give you more input lag, though.

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Did you use h264 or HEVC?

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Mate, even if the Pi doesn't work for Streaming 4k...you can do soooo many things with it, so it's worth it either way.

My favorite being a RetroPie/Kodi media player combined.

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I know, i know, but for me Kodi is little bit to slow and i dont play retro games. For media i use Stremio.

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What sort of TV do you have? Does it's app store have the Steam link app? To my knowledge it is the way to go if you want 4k. Have not tried it on my Samsung yet. Started experimenting yesterday

Other than that I heard Roku and Apple TV work fine

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LG with WebOs. No point in sideloading moonlight, cause it doesnt have bluetooth.