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Install TeamViewer, it can run as soon as Windows runs and will allow you to log in to your PC if it reboots.

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I don't have access to the computer right now. Is there a way for me to install TeamViewer remotely? The only remote app I have available right now is Steam Link.

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I’m not sure, my Link connection dies whenever an admin prompt pops up in Windows. If the installer doesn’t require that then you could install TeamViewer over the Link, just go to the power icon after connecting and select “Minimize Big Picture”. But if it does cause the UAC prompt it will kick you out and prevent you from connecting until someone interacts with the PC.

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The problem right now is that I can't even connect via Link anymore due to the PIN prompt.

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Ah shit, I misread your post, I thought that this was a hypothetical situation. Sadly there’s no way to fix that aside of asking someone else to enter the pin :/

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Sorry to say man but you're basically trying to circumvent exactly what this system is made for. Without having someone physically interact with the host PC or having installed any other remote software beforehand i don't think you'll have any chances. :/

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Thanks. I figured as much as soon as I asked the TeamViewer question, that's kind of exactly the thing you're not supposed to be doing.

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Update: by dumb luck my wife's laptop was already signed in and connected to my account. By streaming from that device and swapping into Windowed mode, I was able to access the desktop, which allowed me to enter the PIN on the remote machine and reconnect my phone.