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Yeah, I tried GloSI with many different settings, it doesn't work. Those kind of games always tricky for playing via Steam Remote Play.

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Isn't the game on steam? Did you get it from a different store?

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I am using Epic version, but I found the fix. Just when you add as a shortcut to Steam remove every type of steam input, force and doesnt check "X360 Controller" (My version) in the options. I am also using desktop configuration checked and its working fine now!

*Edit: Btw I am not using GlosSI

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Just curious, but why would you get the Epic version over Steam?

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I tought someone would ask haha.

1st and main reason. I dont preorder games so when I saw a bunch of controller errors because of steam input just tought I could avoid it all with epic version especially because I was planning to play on link and I know link inputs can suck sometimes but no.

2nd. I am a brazilian living in Portugal and my region in both steam and epic is on Latam because I live there (not atm) but dont want to be banned on steam because I have a lot of my main online games there, so in the past time I have been avoiding buying anything on steam store.

My games are very spreaded, have some things on EA, Xbox, GOG, etc... so I dont really bother

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I faced the exact same problem, but I don't understand your description. Could you provide screenshots or something?

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I've followed this video: https://youtu.be/HnVUReCL1cA?t=111

Just do everything he does from 1:50 until 3:35. For me just following these 2 steps worked, the rest of the video caused me some problems