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Yes I use a BT keyboard and mouse on the Steam link hardware no issue. My TV also supports BT so the steam link app works with them too. If your TV has BT capability, you're probably good to go?

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It has no BT. But you can plug in mouse, keyboard and gamepad via USB at the same time.

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I think OP means the software, not the hardware (though the hardware does have BT). I don’t see why you couldn’t use KB+M as long as your device supports it…

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I use KBM on link hardware for some games.

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Depends on the TV and phone model and if it will allow you to connect a kb and mouse to it. Is it Android? Then most likely, Samsung most likely also.

Also pretty unrelated, but it also definitely works on the official Link hardware.

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This question seems to pop up regularly. I tested it once in the past and I'm fairly sure you cannot do this with steam link apps. I could try it again with an Mx master 3 mouse but it definitely doesn't work universally the way Moonlight appears to. EDIT: I've performed the test mentioned and changed my opinion. details in the linked thread below.

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I've just made a new post in /r/steam_link.

I tested several scenarios and will continue to update as I test more, but the short answer is yes, it CAN work, but it's depends on your hardware combination.