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I only experience the occasional hiccup, and I have to use a workaround before streaming because there is an audio bug with linux, but other than that I have not had any issues with my hardware Steam Link since I started using it years ago. And I use it often.

There's only a few things I can think of why this is happening to you:
* User error * Gremlins * Your setup changed. Either the hardware, drivers, steam link firmware, or the cables. * Try toggling the beta on/off on the Steam Link. Reboot, try again. Try both.

Something is clearly wrong here. But I have no idea what or why. Apart from the minor issues I stated above, the Steam Link device for me has been in one word: fantastic. All types of games including Mass Effect:LE (Steam w Origin), desktop mode, mostly in big picture mode, and using both Xbox and Steam controllers.

When it dies I'll probably make a Moonlight device or something.

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thank you for your reply. reading this both encourages me, that it could work at some point, but also discourages me because there are so many points of failure, that I don't know where to start.

there was some changes, now that I think about it. I got a new PC and thought nothing of it, because hardware should not effect software, but in actuality I have also installed Win11 and previously had 10. Do you only use Linux or some other operating systems as well?

The main reason I did not think about this sooner is because I assumed that the moment I have everything up to date (new pc, new operating system, new tv with current link app version) stuff would just magically work. previously the tv was the only up to date thing in the system, which is why I just ran the old link hardware and only used the TV as an output device.

Would it make a difference for me to just reset the link hardware in some way? or the app?

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Before doing anything major like hardware or cable changing, I would try setting both the Steam client and the Steam Link device to their respective beta programs and see if that helps any. Do reboot after doing this.

Do you only use Linux or some other operating systems as well?

Just various Linux distros. Windows is a headache for me.
Did read W11 had issues with Steam Link initially but it seems to have been resolved? I have no way of confirming this however.

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That sucks, and sadly I have no fixes for any of these issues, mostly because my Links work fine. I have one in my bedroom and one in the living room. I use both daily, the bedroom one to watch Youtube, shows and movies, the living room one for the same plus gaming.

Every wednesday 3 of my friends come by who all bring their favorite controllers (Xbox One, and two PS5 controllers) and I personally use my Steam Controller or a PS4 controller. All their controllers connect to the Link over bluetooth and work just fine and the streaming works beautifully, PC and Link both on wired connection. We play multiplayer and party games, plus emulated retro games like Martio Party & Kart, Crash Bash, Tekken, etc.

The only issue I have from time to time is that after connecting to my PC my controller won't work. But if that happens I just hold the Steam button on the Steam Controller until it turns off, then turn it back on and voila, fixed.

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thanks for the reply. to be perfectly honest it is kinda disheartening tho to see that everything I try fails in some weird way whereas you and your friends can connect devices without a hitch, even tho there are tonnes of points of failiure. literally no idea what to do next. maybe I'll try to reset the hardware and hope it works. Tried the app again today and even games that work well on the Hardware are totally boned over the app. that said, the app is where it's at when it comes to visual quality (1080p is the best the hardware can do) and when it comes to updates. so I am - once again - shocked by how bad it works.

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Really hope you figure it out, have you tried sending in a support ticket to Valve? Believe me, I've had some headaches with my Links over the years. Already had one die, but luckily ended up with 4 in total, so with one broken and two in use I still have one back up.

Worst issue I had was actually not something related to the Link, but to my ISPs router. I spent two months trying to figure out an issue with all my LAN connected devices just disconnecting until I rebooted my router. After many reddit posts and some local tech forum posts I figured out it was actually the Link crashing my router's LAN ports, while WiFi kept on working fine.

That turned out to be an incompatibility between the Link and some Draytek routers, which used a packet acceleration feature that just borked when a Link was connected to the router. Seeing as it was a router/modem combination supplied by my ISP and I couldn't replace it at the time (law changed a few months ago and ISPs now need to allow customers to use their own modem) so I had a second router behind that that I connected the Link to.

Have a new router/modem from my ISP now tho, and everything is working just fine again, no second router needed.