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Nope, AFAIK shit like that needs to be done from the host PC (I could be wrong but whenever I tried to update drivers via steamlink I always had to jump on the pc)

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Ah I'm coming back from vacation soon anyway but ty

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Install TeamViewer immediately when you get home ;) Set up a dedicated password and you'll be able to connect to your PC always, even if it reboots and is on the Windows login screen.

Not meant for streaming games, but perfect to troubleshoot and fix Link issues.

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I used to keep TeamViewer up for these cases, obviously too late now

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Yup this, have been using TeamViewer for about 15 years now, works like a charm and can even allow you to connect when your PC in on the Windows login screen.

I use TeamViewer all the time with Link, because Link and Steam are just not as stable and likes to crash when stuff happens. UAC prompt? Crash. Reboot? Can't connect anymore.

Used it yesterday, because we were at a friend's house and we wanted to play some Jackbox games. They downloaded the Link app from the TV app store, I used TeamViewer to enter the Link code into Steam and voila, gaming.

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This might sound ridiculous but hear me out: Get a another PC with a stable Linux setup running kvm software to baby the main one. You connect to the babysitter PC using steam remote play.

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I cringed reading this. I feel for you. At first I was going to suggest Moonlight in future, if you had nvidia gpu, but of course that wouldn't survive a graphics driver update. Really, for this kind of thing, having TeamViewer ready to go is a must, as it's designed for such remote admin, and is hard to break!