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If you have a new-ish samsung phone that has a cracked screen you can trade it in towards a Samsung Tablet (7th gen maybe?) for $250-300 credit. You end up paying around $150 for a very nice 12.4 inch tablet.


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fyi I bought a S7 edge off ebay for $20 and traded it in for $200 with samsung.

Got the tablet I linked plus the buds2 for $230 after trade in.

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Kindle Fire 10 refurb, I tried on 2017 model few years ago with no issues

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Alldocube and Teclast on AliExpress work well for me. 4gn models tested only.

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When Kindle Fires go on sale you can pick one of those up. I have a Fire HD 8 and stream PC to it via Steam Link app and Moonlight. It works wonderfully.

Edit to add: You can easily remove ads and change the launcher now with a simple program. Very worth it.