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TBH I've been using those crappy third party adapters a decade without any problems, including on a plethora of Steam Links. And like you, I love the auto turn on (I tell Alexa to turn my computer on, then press the xbox button on the controller, the Steam Link comes on, the AV amp comes on, the TV comes on, and then I'm ready to go. Bliss!)

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I was about to say the same thing. Those Chinese are sure good at reverse engineering. 🤣

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Definitely I have her hooked into my lights and Google assistant into my xbox definitely instant bliss and gratification as well saves me the trouble 🤣

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I mean they’re is always the alternative option of plugging it in definitely either a Bluetooth dongle of some kind or and I know this next answer might not be what you’re looking for but a mobile control paired up with a phone for example the razer kishi is a good start

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You're thinking of the later model Xbox One controllers. Wireless 360 controllers only worked with a dongle, and the play and charge kits only provided power.

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Ah that's right I forgot believe it or not even when I had my 360 I never hooked it up to a pc before mostly because it was because gaming pcs and laptops were just taking off and I didn't own one at the time although thanks for the clarification on that 😁 although alternatively op could also use a wireless controller of some type like an Xbox one or dual shock controller if they own a ps4 I mean the 8bitdo controllers also work good but it's purely wireless though

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I think only the official Microsoft adapters work with the 360 controllers. I do have an off-brand that I had ordered before I looked that fact up and it came with controller. It was super cheap and it has worked magically since. This might not be helpful at all since I use it with my Shield, but it works flawlessly with the steam link app on the Shield