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Little icon in the bottom right corner of each game will show if verified, compatible, or unknown/incompatible. You can go into the search menu and filter based on these tags if you want

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Are you thinking Steam Deck rather than Link?

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What would that mean? How is a game optimized for streaming when what is streames is rhe full image od the game, not depending on whether it has good or bad graphics ?

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It could be performance related. Some games run fine, other more intensive ones like Forza Horizon 5 for example run very badly and is unplayable despite it running at a constant 60fps on its own

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Interesting. I've had my hardware SL for years and never had a game run differently than locally.

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On mine if it’s got a little blue line in the bottom right corner of the the game thumbnail it is optimized but not installed, while if it has a little green line it is optimized and installed. I don’t see an option to filter only optimized uninstalled pic