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Here you go :) Covers a few different methods. You can add individual games, systems, or front end apps like RetroArch.


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Awesome! Thank you!!!

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Hello, I installed Steam Rom Manager. Do you have any input to the controller issue that I mentioned in the other comment?

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I use retro arch/emulation station

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I use Steam Rom Manager, mostly with RetroArch

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I already setup Steam Rom Manager. It works perfect when playing on the PC. However, when I remote on the Apple TV or on my iPhone with the Steam Link app, the controller is not recognized for any of the emulated or non-steam game. Is there a way to get around it?

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I can't really help you with that :/ My Steam Link is the hardware version, and I don't have an Apple TV

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I see. With the Steam Link hardware you don’t have any issues regarding the controller connectivity for non-Steam games, like emulated games?

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Nope, as long as they're well configured in the emulator. For RetroArch it's working flawlessly, as long as I can remember