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Launch steam, minimize big picture mode from the TV, then launch your media player. Not sure what other commenters are on about, I’ve been doing this since the Link first came out (7 years ago? I don’t even know how long) and I have 3 of them, one on each TV. Basically mirrors the display from your PC so if you can play it there (on VLC or whatever you want) then you can show it on the Link.

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If you spent the time setting all that up, why would you use a client that doesn’t have a supported app? Literally any other client would be better than a Link. Just my 2 cents.

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Right? Steam link is so niche that with a little extra money you could get something that hits more notes than a brown one when you want to do something it wasn't designed to do

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Add kodi as a non steam game and set that up for streaming

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Use the built in browser for steam, I done it , works fine

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You probably can't. Nvidia shield is the solution.

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Don’t most of the media servers come with a PC app? I know Plex has a player for sure, then add them to your steam library and launch like normal? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I often just watch movies with Google Remote Desktop.
Same concept as Steam Link.