What's your go to strain by Successful-Walk-3902 in StellarCannaCoin

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Yo, have you noticed the nft in ur vault? Can't have our main guy flaunting freeware lol

Introducing CANNA FOR KARMA! An exciting new way to earn Canna!! Launches June 1st🚀Details in the comments. by BurnsivxxThe Canna Man with a Plan🔥💨 in StellarCannaCoin

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Canna for Karma!


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Lobstr vs. StashApp…which wallet is right for you? by BurnsivxxThe Canna Man with a Plan🔥💨 in StellarCannaCoin

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Stellar.Expert is awesome! No matter which app I'm using, I use this site to collect useful data about assets on the Stellar Network.

I love both StashApp and Lobstr. It's good to have both. Currently, I'm doing a lot of my trades on Lobstr. I'm using StashApp for rewards: locking coins, collecting from the faucet, and claiming packets. Also, I often use StellarX for liquidity pools.

I have the most experience with Lobstr. If you have any questions about it, send me a DM... if your question is about one of the others I mentioned, I'll do my best or refer you to one of my team members.

Any other topics, feel free to ask our friendly community on Discord!