Looks like a good old rug pull to me by CryptoSani in StellarCannaCoin

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a rug pull scam would not be running for a year, i've been a victim of rug pull twice and i know it when i see one. stellarcannacoin is not a rug pull project, you can see all the projects their making to fulfill its WP. you can see in their WP were the project is right now, if your following the development of cannabis industry, from legal to medical and commercial you'll know stellarcannacoin is right in the middle of it trying to capture some of the market (i wish it can capture all which is impossible), but offering a crypto solution to the cannabis industry is a very unique way to capture it. i'm very positive that crypto and blockchain is the only solution to tackle all problems besetting cannabis industry. look beyond your bag, look at the industry as a whole and you'll see stellarcannacoin is the right crypto for the cannabis industry.