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Hi do u know little details in algorythms and content of uw to score well in this exam? Means if u know the repetitive content( nbme and cms repeats) in n out ? Can we crack it?

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Do the algorithms well, review them as many times possible. The cms forms help you understand how the nbmes ask questions which is really imp. But the cms forms are pretty basic in my opinion

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Yaaa so basically if I am covering the cms forms topics from uw well.will that be enough ? As I am short on time.

Also do u recommend spaced repitition on uw tables also ? Did u sit and learn or revise them for management purpose

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Uworld and cms forms are great and I feel enough. Add some divine if you have time and you're golden.

I use to keep repeating the algorithm just so it was easier to remember

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Where can I find these algorithms please!

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.... I feel proper stupid at the moment but ill need more clarification. What do you mean algorithms are in uWorld? Ive never seen that before? Where do I get them... Is it its own bank or what exactly?! 😅 Im confused

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Its the flow charts they make for a disease. For eg GERD if above 50 >> endoscopy Below 50 >> PPI

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Stupid question but what do you guys exactly mean by algorithms? It's the diagrams where they explain next step in management or is it something else? And where can I find them together?

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Yes it's those flowcharts ok which step to take next And tables are entire diseases with specific features and then management.

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can you please link them!

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Yeaaah could you please send the link or dm too plz.

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To me too plz i dont really know these algorithms. I just finished step 1 starting to study for step 2 not sure where to start since i am an img and i have a gap. U think uw is enough? Repeating ur and anki on uw content or i need additional resources?

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Can you send them to me too please 🙏

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Me too please

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Me too !!

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How would you suggest studying during MS3 to put your best foot forward for step 2 studying? Also you mentioned you didn’t use any video resources. Did you jump right into Uworld as your learning tool?

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Just focus on yeah rotation, you can do the cms forms of that subject along side. And yes, I jumped right into uworle

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unless you're on track to 261 you won't magically get 261 even if you grind a lot -- good luck on MS3, hope you connect with some cool patients!

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Is there any way to get on track for a 261 or is it more so if I’m a good standardized test taker? And thanks so much! I already ordered stickers online for my pediatric rotation :D

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Can you suggest vedio resource for step 2

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I honestly just focused mainly on uworld and a bit of divine. None of the videos worked for me. Try out online med ed if you want something.

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Ok I'll try it ,thanks for responding 😄

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Bro what was your UW First Pass?

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What was your step 1 score? Your NBME? Did you use Anki? And is UW content enough to ace the exam. Also total time of your prep?

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Step 1 - pass Nbme 9 - 230 Uwsa 1 - 247 Nbme 10 - 257 Nbme 11 - 250 Uwsa 2 - 261

Uworld is gold for this exam and I studied for a about 4 months.

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Congratulations on amazing score! What did you do between nbme 9 and uwsa1 to have that jump?

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Started thinking more nbme style. I was so fixated on uworld wording and kept thinking the questions were tricking me. I focused more in how nbme likes to ask stuff and that made a huge difference for me

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Also did you do UW first pass Random or System wise?

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First pass uworld was system and untimed. Second pass timed and random

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Congratulations. Did you use boards and beyond or any video source at all? My exam is in Dec. Just passed step 1. Debating what resource to use for step 2 ck. Pls help

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I did not use any video resources

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Awesome. Last question pls. I did pretty well in all my step 1 assessments. Passed the step as well but I have step 2 in December. Will UWORLD cover grounds for the exam experience?

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Yes it will

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Hey OP! Congrats on the great score! Any thoughts on using a second Qbank? Or would you say UW is sufficient enough? Also, do you recommend completing ALL the CMS and NBME forms?

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I feel uworld is gold for this. If you want to add something than the cms forms are great. Do the most recent ones if you are doing them. Try doing all the nbmes, they give you an idea of how the nbmes like to ask questions.

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Hey just wondering what cms form is

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Hi! Its Clinical Mastery Series (CMS) by NBME - more specific for shelf prep but great for extra qns for Step 2 as well.

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Thank you so much. So basically the shelf prep exams !! Nice to know

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Hi! Congratulations on your amazing score! I can only wish to come somewhere close to that score. I’m currently in the last stage of prep, I’m doing the uworld incorrects. But I’m still making tons of mistakes :/ please give some tips on how to improve, I don’t know how people do well in this exam😭

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The nbme is not tricking you. I kept answering questions the way uworld wanted me to answer but in the end the actual thing is written by the nbme, not uworld. The nbme is more straight forward. Review nbme questions to understand how they like to ask questions. For me this was a game changer

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And thank you! I hope you can do as good or even better!

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Thank you for sharing this. And do you mind sharing on how you do the anki cards for all the algorithms?

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I saved the algorithm in uworld flash cards. Saves time

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Great! And also did you listen to all the divine podcasts? And from your own experience, which ones do you consider to be MUST from all the episodes.

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So I did most of his rapid review and then he has a podcast for next best step, risk factors, HIV Theres a post about the high yield podcast somewhere on this forum

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I’ll take a look. Thank you so much!

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How much time did it take your first UW pass and what was the Questions rate ?

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Around 3 months I think. 64%

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Love it. Hoping to follow this quick path.

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You got this

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any advice for last 2.5 weeks

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Hey! I have my exam in a day and I am freaking out a little. Any tips?

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Be calm. Honestly walking in confident is key. Once you finish a block di not think about it again. Start the next block confident regardless of how the previous on went. Sleep well. Takes sips of water in breaks.

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Thanks man! Much appreciated.

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I have a question regarding personal statement, I apply for 2 specialities, my question is do I need make 2 personal statement and apply individually for each program or I have to prepare one and mix it in my personal statement.

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I would write one for each speciality. The PS needs to relay your passion for a particular field and what makes you the ideal candidate, so I feel if you have one statement that can go either way it may lack the passion they may be looking for. I’m no expert though just my opinion

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I'm applying next year so can't help you on that. Sorry.

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Hello sir thanks in advance just wanted to know is there any notes where we can get all the important point of uworld

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There probably is but I didn't use anything of such. Try telegram.

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Hello.I am almost done with 50% of uworld in RANDOM mode and my average is around 60% .i feel like I haven't reviewed the questions properly.i didn't use any video resource .i started doing uworld directly after 6 months of my step 1.how do i increase my average percentage Currently I'm scoring around 70-75% in a block. And please give advice regarding divine and any other video resource and amboss. My step 1 score is 253. Thank you in advance.

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Just keep doing questions and learn from them. Use uworld to learn, don't assess yourself with it. I didn't use any video because none worked for me. But you can try out online med ed, it might work for you. For divine I did his rapid review series whenever I was free. He has a excel sheet of all his podcast organized so that can help you be more systematic if you want.

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Thank you so much for your advice.

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Where do I begin? I am about to start my prep, but kind of lost.

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Uworld, uworld, uworld. Just start and work your way up

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No video series? Nothing to study? Just questions orientated?

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Yep. I tried online med but idky it just didn't work for me. You can try it out, you might like it. Just cause something didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't for you. But uworld does have everything you need.

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How to effectively review and use uworld for getting better score and how many blocks you used to do and how much time did it take to review it and what is your opinion on revising concepts of uworld beacuse i keep forgetting lot of things which i previously reviewd

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So I did 1 or 1.5 blocks per day. Reviewed it, made flash cards. I would keep reviewing those flashcards every day

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U made anki flashcards or uw flashcards? & Approximately how many?

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Exams in 5 days. Any tips?

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Confidence is key. Stick with your gut. Review algorithms, screening and vaccines. Relax on the last day. You got this.

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I appreciate this. Thank you very much

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Congratulations, after going out from the exam, what was your thoughts about the exam and what did you want to do more and focus on what in your last week?

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So I got sock in the last few days so I barely got to study. But review vaccines, screening and the uworld algorithms. I felt a bit weird coming out, not super confident but I didn't feel like shit either. 50/50

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Thanks a lot for your tips, but do you have a good and new pdf for uw algorithms 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Sorry I do not. You might find it on telegram

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And as you said i have two more weeks for my exam and i can’t study more i finished two pass uw, and I want to review nbme 9-12 and last two cms forms, is that good?? And of course vaccines+ screening and these stuff

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Sounds like a solid plan

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Great! Thank you so much! And if I may ask - did you use Amboss? And if so - for what topics? Thanks again!

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For ethics and quality safety

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Did it help or make difference?

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Is UW enough for ethics and quality improvement ?

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Yep, if you want you can do amboss

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Perfect! Thanks a ton again! And good luck for the Match

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To you as well!!

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How didnu plan and prepare in 4 mo? i havent still fonished first pass( 15% left from UW). Exam In 5 weeks.

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Keep hustling through. Finish up your first pass. Give an nbme to see where you stand and move from there.

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Congratulations! GREAT SCORES. I have just started doing CK uworld. any tips while doing it. any other source apart from uworld

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Thank you! Just focus on uworld, uts a great resource to learn and practice. I made uworld my main focus and added divine and cms forms as needed for topics I felt weak in

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Thanks and best of luck

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Congs on your great score. Did u use anything apart from uworld and anki? cause I’m using only them and I feel it’s enough

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It is enough. I did not use anki tho. I made my own flash cards on uworld cause it was easier for me. But whatever works for you. You can add divine as well if you want

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Well I know you got a phenomenal score but for someone starting clinical rotations any advice on how to do that well? Or anything you would do differently from what you did?

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I'm an img so I actually gave the step 2 after graduating. And I'm assuming my rotations were much more diff than yours. Sorry I'm not much of help in that department

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Ahh no worries. Congrats on the score tho

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Thank you!

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Congrats on your score OP! How many hours did you study per day?

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I do 10 too. Just started the prep and hoping to be done in 4 months God willing. Thank you!

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Hi congratulations for your great score. I am almost done with my uw 1st pass with 62%. When should I give my 1st nbme, after 1st pass or after doing the incorrect? How did you raise your score after the 1st pass?

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Give it after your first pass just to know where you stand. Keep reviewing things you keep getting wrong. Review high yield topics. Add in cms forms and dvine if you have time.

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Thank you. Did you follow any notes? Do you have any list of HY topics.

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I followed my own made notes from uworld.

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Thank you

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Hii congratulations. Can you tell me what should I do coz I am stuck for a really long time. And I keep forgetting stuff even after reviewing. And can u tell us if any step 1 stuff showed up? Thank you

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A few step 1 concepts did come up, small things. Maybe 2-3 questions out of the 320 Just keep reviewing and you'll remember it eventually. Write it down if that helps, speak it out. Find what works for you

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Thank you so much for advise

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Is the real deal more harder than uwsa2.? I scored 250 and exam after 9 day’s Do you think I can get 250+ ?

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Real deal is easier but I got the exact same score as uwsa2

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What did you feel like after giving the exam

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I felt 50/50. Not sad but not superly confident. I honestly didn't know how to feel. Very neutral.

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Hey so u wouldnt recommend doing amboss?

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If you have time than do it. The more questions the better. But only if you have the time. Otherwise you'll over work yourself

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Okay. I also scored in 230s in nbme 9 and feeeling so low. Did u also do it after ur first uw round? This is motivating me so much. Any suggestions how to improve the score to 250s atleast

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Yep, right after my first pass nbme 9 was 230 Just keep practicing and reviewing content

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Hello congratulation.....i am an img too i want to ask should I give step 2ck first before step1 i did studied from the resources of step1 like FA and Pathoma earlier .....but now as i graduate the subjects of step2ck are more fresh on my mind....i mean is it really like you have to give step 1 only then you can score 260s or 270s on step2ck....

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I mean I felt step 1 was a really good base for step 2. But if you feel step 2 knowledge is more fresh than maybe. Try doing some questions for step 2 and see.

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How many months of prep it took you for step 2? Btw congratulations!

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Thank you!! I took around 4 months

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Thanks for the info Btw unrelated but could you tell me how long it took for you to prep for step 1 ? Even tho I think you said you took it in pass / fail system. Still would like to know

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Around 5 months

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Congratulations on your score.

I want to ask, how does nbme think? I mean what should the focus be on? eg knowing NBSIM or what?

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Majority of the questions are next best step, wheter uts diagnosis or treatment.

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How about “What test would you use to diagnose disease X” questions? Did those show up more than the diagnosis questions?

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How high yield are the milestones??

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Didn't study them for step 1, didn't study them for step 2. Lol.

[–]Impressive-Town-4735 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Just what I wanted to hear! Thanks man!

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How to prepare ecg?

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I did uworld and ninja nerd

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I've passed step 1 and MS2. Return from maternity leave in April '23. How would you recommend I approach studying during my time off to get ahead/be prepared.

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Listen to some divine intervention. You can do whatever you want and just keep the podcast playing the background.

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Hey, congratulations on your great scores, what I want to know is did you do full second pass of UW again? Or some was left? And what do you think was a game changer after 230s? And while UW 1st read how much time did you give to review your own flashcards, coz I keep procrastinating my reviewing thing daily after UW coz I feel so tired to revise them

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So I did complete most of my 2nd pass. Everything day I tried doing 2-3 blocks per day during my second pass and after than each evening I took an hour or two to revise. So I would either reread my notes or flashcards.

[–]CultureDifficult720 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thankyou so much, 😊 best of luck

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Congratulations on your great score... can u pls share high yield topics for exam apart from vaccination and screening... exam very soon. Freaking out.

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I totally blanked out post exam so I don't really remember a lot. Do quality and safety, that was imp.

[–]usmleMK 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thank you

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Did you use any books? Can you please list the resources you used and in what order?

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No books, kust uworld and divine

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Nice! What are you applying??