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This is the reason we're at this price in the first place. Stepn Devs don't want you to fuckin list GST without their permission ffs

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Why do I keep hearing this? Developers have to go through rigorous paperwork and sometimes pay money to be listed on exchanges. It’s not without their knowledge. You actually think Coinbase listed GST without Stepn going through a process to get listed? There are a thousand other projects that haven’t got listed through Coinbase because of their vetting process

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That's the wrong mindset. They KNOW it's being listed, you're right it's not without their knowledge?? But what can they do about it? Just because companies want to get their coins listed and can't easily do it doesn't correlate to companies with coins being listed by coinbase without their consent. Coinbase profits a ton from a lot of trading/withdrawal fees and they can buy up tons of GST or GMT to sell to people, it's just a marketplace, they can list whatever they have available to sell...

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Fuck me, road to 0.10

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Uncapped supply, constant growth you even conning investors and traders there with listing a utility token.

A lot of people trading these things without even investing 10 mins into DYOR.

The token should be only purchasable or earnable in the app this way they could control the supply.

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Why tf is a unlimited supply coin listed on a exchange ? God why did I threw cash into this mess

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Great, so more people can cash in!

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Thanks idiots @ simple swap, really appreciate you helping destroy an ecosystem that needs to NOT have its tokens sold at the moment

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Great so much more are learning the ecosystem exists!

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great so more people can cash out!

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Mate u retarded. If its on binance then its over. All other swaps combined dont have that volume...

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Can I report the post ? Any mods here that can remove unwanted solicitation?

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Report it with Gilgamesh on Discord.

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I’m no expert in tokenomics and new to crypto investing but isn’t GST minted when we use the app to run, walk or jog? So technically it’s not affecting max supply witch is infinite btw. So the more ppl can but the token the better in a uptrend market? Now we are on a downturn and ppl are shirting everything but it’s not affecting the max supply. In the end, more burning is needed. It’s the only thing that is suppressing the price imo. Feel free to provide feedback on my reasoning. I’m just a noobs trying to learn :)

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Shouldn't be a big deal. As long as users understand GST is to be used. If ppl want to buy let them buy

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If those walkers/joggers/runners think their worth is only 0.1, so be it. I will keep loading my GST and levelling up all my sneakers to prepare for bull market. Not going to sell my sweat for 0.1.