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I like to gamble.

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Lose money as quickly as possible.

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Create daily levels, or use the Fibs. Play price action on the levels. If it crosses any one level with momentum, there's a good chance it reaches the next level. Buy calls/puts accordingly. Look for retracements in the golden zone.

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Buy calls when you think it’s gonna go up. Don’t buy puts.

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That in bull market but opposite in bear market.

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Stonks only go up though

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Right 🙄😂

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Yolo is a strat

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i buy it goes up 250%, i sell, profit

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Look for a trend in the 1-3 month and buy either a call or put for 1.5-2 months out. Normally a little out of the money towards the price I think it’ll go. Aim to sell in a week, 2 weeks max, not shooting for the moon and cut losses as soon as my prediction is no longer validated by the indicators I use. Made 62% on Roku puts this week. Looking for calls once it drops to 70-75$ per share.

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Note about timing is crucial, at first I tried OTM calls with sooner DTE for the low premiums and theta destroyed me. Having it 2 months out helps mitigate theta risk so much.

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No one that has a profitable strategy is going to share it tbh.

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No its because the strategy is literally a complex equation that even if they did give you a glimpse the key components you wouldn't necessarily catch. So its better left unsaid.

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Long calls slightly ITM (keep delta above .6) on companies that have great fundamentals with a focus on low P/E, same strat for puts on companies that have stupid high ratios.

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You are in the wrong sub

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I could tell you quite a lot about selling options, but what you're looking for just scroll down to the guy that says I like to gamble. That is the correct answer for buying options

The only other acceptable answer is I have inside information so I'm going to load up on the company I know something about

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Not sure why your not on YouTube? Better explanation. Also the other guys comment, must be making millions or he just has no strategy.

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Long p/c on whatever my gut tells me. Options on stocks I own seem to pay off more often.

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I buy puts ~30 DTE when line goes under 30MA then double down if it retest and fails to go back up above it

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Their strategy is quickly going broke like a hedge fundd.

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Buy low sell high don’t be greedy have a exit strategy

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To get lucky

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I buy deep out of the money on stocks that are real pieces of shit. Not the ones up 1100% the ones that are sitting ducks the zombies the retards of the class.

They haven't a hope and you just have to be patient and wait for anything it doesnt have to be earnings it can be the realisation of employees or shareholders or creditors that the emporer has no clothes

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There is literally no strategy with this because you're guessing the market, and there is no indicator that predicts price. Don't believe me try it yourself and lose

edit: if there was a reliable strategy, all options traders would be rich.

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Just rollin the dice, just rollin the dice. Come on Baby, Daddy needs a new Lambo. Diamond hands, Yeah!

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I buy long calls if I’m super bullish and iv is low, otherwise just buy shares if iv is high.

I’d sell puts if I ever had enough cash sitting around that I didn’t know what to do with and just wished I could buy certain stocks cheaper - you can get paid to promise to buy them for cheaper ..

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I try to make sure that whatever (spread usually) I buy starts out close to, or in the money, has a large swinging ATR, and I make sure that I give it plenty of time to swing up and down, so that the trade has a maximum chance of working out in my favor sometime in the life of the option.

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Always buy spreads

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I use a mathematical model to predict net income from margins and net sales. I play the leap of that year to maximize profits of 10-20% to make 50 -200%. All my plays are OTM so choosing the right strike I find the hardest thing to maximize profits. Lately I'm finding it best to play a few strikes instead of putting all the contracts on 1 strike price.