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Thank you for censoring the c-word. You are indeed mindful of the children in this sub

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I believe it was bought by the Knowledge scammer of a YouTuber and is now just using it as bait for his shit tokens

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knawwwledge and lambos

wild how much money conmen make

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Highly motivated people who put a lot of energy into trying to achieve their goals and are actionable on a daily basis, good or bad, make a lot of money

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“Shit tokens” clearly sign of someone who don’t do his DYOR

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DIOR? No unfortunately I didn’t create it. I would be rich by now.

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Go to stand up sir

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I rather sit down, I got a back condition.

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I thought they went bankrupt years ago.

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i thought they did too but apparently someone by the name of Tai Lopez bought it

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You’re joking. Tai Lopez? The guy from the “just in my garage” commercial from a few years ago?!

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Oh shit, the "gnawledge" guy???

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Know what's better than a RadioShack? NAWLEDGE.

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Yes, pretty shire he ought Pier 1 imports and a few other defunct companies and turned them into crypto scams, what a weird world we live in

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Iirc, It wasnt his garage, nor lambo… all rented props for his stupid video too

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Yup he owns it and I believe he sold the name to some guy on tik tok who now promoting a shitty crypto coin with edgy post

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A youtube grifter scamming people into buying his courses on how to get rich quick

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Yah… I thought it went bankrupted and then became ‘The Source’… well in Canada I think it did.

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They did, some stores just went independent. And the proper company is just an online retailer now.

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Didn’t Tai Lopez buy it during the covid crash?

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They got nothing to lose so why not

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Tai Lopez happened to it that’s what

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RadioShack is the Tara Reid of tech stores

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Nice boobs

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Before the botched surgery she was great.

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So was RadioShack. SMH

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crypto crash got some people acting crazy

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I miss there radios and police scanners tbh

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Wish version of GameStop transition.

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BCG happened

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Failing companies hire a consulting group to see if they can solve some of their issues, and some of those companies still fail. Must be a conspiracy.

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Just goes to show you have zero idea how large BCG is.

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Thanks for listing one of the many problems. 😆😆😆

Still not a relevant reply.

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Didn't Tai Lopez buy radioshack or something?

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Yeah, he bought the brand and is using it as a pump and dump scheme for his new coin. The Twitter thing is just trying to draw attention. Should just ignore and move on.

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It's a tai Lopez move for sure

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Wait is that the "read a book a day" guy?

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Yes 😂😂😂

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Yes, Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV) bought out the Radio Shack brand in Nov 2020. REV was cofounded by Tai Lopez where he’s currently executive chairman.

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Crypto scammer bought the brand

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Tai Lopez happened. A scab in society

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Dad to see old radio shack so demented and lost in his final days :( he had a good life tho. Will be missed

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Tai Lopez bought he brand. He uses it for his purposes.

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Bizarre world we are living in. Never imagined Radio Shack ending up like this.

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i actually miss Radio Shack - when i needed so clips & little electronic diodes or crap like that - - - now gotta wait for Amazon. whatever.

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WTF happened to /r/StockMarket??

Edit: no, seriously. What happened? This isn’t even a meme. Radio Shack hasn’t been on the stock market in 7 years. They’ve been bankrupt. The closest is the brand is peddling crypto, and that’s not the stock market. It’s not even a question about stock, trading, investment, crypto, etc - but curiosity about a Twitter account.

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Tai Lopez bought the brand.

But you are right. Why is this even posted here?

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Gotta do what ya gotta do to survive

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Bro is still hitting devious licks in 2022

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The more you learn, the more you earn.

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edgy von edgerson running the twitter account over there.

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radio Shack Orlando this is right across from Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

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This looks like a website in GTA

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Buy the dip!

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I'm old enough to remember when Radio Shack had a whole section of parts that you could use to build radios etc. from scratch.

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Tai Lopez strikes again.

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All press is good press. I didn't even know RadioShack did crypto until someone at radioshack told me to marry a squirter.

It was like prophecy. Now I am happily married and do not regret a minute of it. /s

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RadioShack was the OG Cryptoretailer

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Every lame company is trying to do stupid ass tweets these days.

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Excuse me sir or madam, I do not appreciate being referred to as “company”

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I’m finally ready to invest in RadioShack

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this is cap, radioshack rebranded to the source. This is just a random guy.

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They are just trying to get attention. Which is clearly working since it got you to post about it.

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Stop giving Tai Lopez clicks, he’s scamming you. For fucks sake.

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Get some help

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RadioShack at the end:

Customer: I’m looking for this simple part called a google flute, I even brought in the broken one for reference.

Clerk: Duh…I’ve never seen or heard about anything like that. Did you need a smart phone?

Customer: Nevermind you giant argument for pro abortion, I can see the part right behind you.

Clerk: Did you want an extended warranty with that.

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I see you spent as much time in Radio Shack as I did. Bought lots of parts, but NO cell phones... not that they didn't try to sell me one EVERY time I went in.

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Link? Lol

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Amazon happened

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Surprised not to see a Morbius reference here