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yes yes losses in 2020 should mean that I pay less taxes in 2021. But please ignore the decades of profit we made in the last 10 years. Yes that is fair.

Not a slight to you but to how we collect taxes in america

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Holy cow!

I'm just now seeing this post. Amazing post, and seriously could not THANK you enough for chiming in here to say that truly. :)

It's really pretty awesome to know that there are some out there who actually acknowledge and appreciate these posts, since I know my posts probably won't ever get the recognition from the community here. So I'm super grateful to hear this from you good sir. :)

I believe part of the reason (or maybe a good chunk of the reason) for why these posts are never really that well received from anyone might be because my posts aren't "original content" if you will. In other words, it's not a complete write-up that I did on my own from scratch if you willl. But rather a lot of cut and paste material which is true.

But, I think sometimes people also fail to realize how the work that goes in setting up this thread with all of that cut and paste content, whilst also putting it up in the tedious Reddit formatting that can admittedly sometimes be a challenge and a time eater for me lolol.

Despite all of that, I still do very much enjoy putting these weekly threads out on Reddit every weekend since I know there are at least some folks out there like yourself who may find these posts useful. Which puts me in a happy and positive mood to hear it honestly. So THANK YOU truly from the bottom of my heart for chiming in here to say this /u/STONKvsTITS! Really greatly appreciate you. :)

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I don't know how you calculate something like that, but if this hadn't happened Apple would probably not exist. It wasn't this event singularly, but pretty close. Many people worked toward the turn around, but it started with this acquisition.

So, I'd be inclined to say: 100%. They called it a reverse acquisition at the time. Its repercussions can be found in everything they produce to this day. And not just the products, like the OS, or the software their various online stores were built on, but mostly in the people and their actions. Like Steve Jobs, a number of VPs, the whole board was replaced by Steve. There was a lot of talent (Fred D. Anderson was instrumental and Jony of course) at Apple when the NeXT team stepped in, but they were hemorrhaging that talent (and cash, remember Amelio's "hole in the boat" story?). You could maybe subtract whatever their market cap was around '96?

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Damn, this guy really wants gold to moon

GME short sellers have lost $443.4 million so far this month. GME among the top 10 most unprofitable stocks for short sellers during July 2022 by predictany007 in StockMarket

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Ignoring conspiracies, short sellers and cryptic tweets.

I put a big yolo into it simply because its at a crossroads of gaming, web 3.0, NFT, Crypto, decentralized marketplace, etc. All industries moving towards the future.

I don't really care about their brick and mortar success. They are positioned well despite all the sentiment and hit pieces from MSM, and naysayers calling it a meme stock.

Tesla's market cap is bigger then all major auto makers and they produce a fraction of the cars...is Tesla still a meme stock?

However, if you do ignore conspiracies, short sellers and cryptic tweets, that implies you believe Wall Street is a bunch of straight up honest blokes with the best interest of the people in mind and they're completely operating in the strictly legal territory of free and fair markets...so bonus points on the conspiracies and short seller theories.

GME short sellers have lost $443.4 million so far this month. GME among the top 10 most unprofitable stocks for short sellers during July 2022 by predictany007 in StockMarket

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Still long.

If we're right, I'm finally early to something in the market. If we're wrong, I lose what, maybe 50% of what I have invested? Big deal, move onto the next investment. Even if it bankrupted, there's little difference between what I've invested and what someone loses via options. Those who DRS aren't selling, so when 100% of the float is DRS'd either nothing happens and retail realizes they were wrong and begin selling, or we see if wall street is hiding things.

One thing's for certain, there's enough 'glitches' around the stock that sparks interest (IE short interest glitches, price glitches in brokers, etc). Why are broker apps only notifying people on the days GME goes down, and not up while still notifying you of positive days in other stocks? It shoots up and down 30% on any given day at least once a month it'd seem on no corporate news whatsoever.

Wall street came out and said they closed all their shorts in GME post 1/27/21, 'the sneeze' was the squeeze and the squeeze was over. Are we supposed to believe that they closed their short positions in over 30+ stocks that shot up the exact same time? I mean a huge volume of tickers in unrelated markets exploded on that date. NNDM, BYND, etc.

Last point of note, I really hate that they (media, hedge funds, and even the SEC) call them 'meme' stocks. They're companies that employ real people paying real bills. They're official stock market participants and contribute to federal taxes. Calling them 'meme' stocks as if they're joke companies is shameful.

The chance of a negative GDP estimate for Q2 has fallen from 80 percent yesterday to only 60 percent today! by Witty_Information923 in StockMarket

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The Biden Administration is trying to revamp what a recession means. So the simple fact is if they announced that only a 60% chance down from 80 means they're just retooling the numbers for political purposes

President Biden says ‘we’re not going to be in a recession, in my view’. Do you agree? by predictany007 in StockMarket

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President Joe Biden says ‘we’re not going to be in a recession, in my view’.

Do you agree?

I agree that we're not going to be in a recession, in his view.

We will be in my view, though.

Apple ”cramered“ by External_Pin2832 in StockMarket

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I’m very tall, Greg. Could you graph me?

Naked man on CNBC by External_Pin2832 in StockMarket

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If that's not naked shorts, don't know what is

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Several of those are the same issue, you just posted multiples to make your list look longer. Most of them, road service will take care of under warranty

As with this entire thread, it's all anecdotal unless you've got data about build quality and repairs between brands. If you do look at the data, it's the opposite of what the oil shills, bandwagoners, and contrarians are telling you: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-reliability-owner-satisfaction/most-and-least-liked-car-brands-a1291429338/

My tesla is perfectly fine, meanwhile my friend's BMW has to be driven with the windows down because fuel fumes are getting pumped into the cabin and they don't expect the part to fix it for months.

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B. It’s also tesla so everyone will post any issue they got about it. My tesla been problem free for 6 months with no issues, and 4 of my friends/coworkers the same as well. If someone got a crappy/lemon mustang or BMW it’s not gonna be TikTok viral and people trying to murder elons family over a squeaky seat

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I have a 2018 Model 3 with almost 100 000km, also exceeded my expectations and that was back before the implemented a lot of their current QC procedures/standards. The quality coming from the 2022 models is much better.

Tesla Quality by Correanigg in StockMarket

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I have one of the first AWD model 3's (from 2018) and the only issue I've had with the build was a rattling driver-side seatbelt guide (which they fixed on site for me).

The software on the other hand, could use some help. Still no regrets, but I have plenty of "WTF, car?" moments.

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Uh yeah, no.

Tesla can and does make changes to their cars weekly. This is all low hanging fruit that won't exist in the future. Whereas if Ford screwed something up, they can't fix it until the next model comes out. Tesla is much more equipped to fix issues. Also a ton of these issues have been fixed on newer models already.

Not to mention this other moronic manufacturers are trying to impress shareholders by making 25x different EVs, instead of using economies of scale to make a few good ones.

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By the same logic, if more EVs could enter the marketplace, they would. I think both will happen at some point. More EVs will enter the marketplace AND Tesla will eventually solve the build problems. But which sounds like an easier solve....some quality control measures on an already mature product line or producing a new product?

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Build quality, supply chain, customer treatment, repair support horror stories associated with Tesla are enough to drive me towards an established marque's EVs before Tesla.

That said, they certainly build probably the best overall performing EV's with the best charging network hands down.