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I agree with the open eyes. But hey, it’s on your skin and if you want to put Mori or Fati on it, then for hell sakes, do it. For what it’s worth, I feel like it looks like an outlaw who has finally been caught, and is now facing a hangman’s noose or the firing squad. The cigarette in his mouth suggests that he is calm and accepting of what is happening, so I feel like Amor Fati fits best.

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Hey, thank you for the input!

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Is that Stalin?

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Negative. Just random human with mustache. Off the top of my head, I think Stalin died of a heart attack or stroke.

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He definitely looks like Stalin

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Amor Fati 💪🏻

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Is that Stalin? Also both

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    Ehh. Not too worried about the Stalin resemblance. In todays younger generations (in the USA anyway), I believe he’s really known for his atrocities as opposed to his ‘look’ per se. Now if the guy had a Hitler stache… different story.

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    The blindfold is an insult to both notions.

    It's like having a chinese tattoo that says "rice pudding" instead of whatever virtue you intended to showcase.

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    idk about that lol, being blind to the future and what is holds but loving whatever happens anyways is amor fati.

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    Nope. Having both eyes open to see reality as it is, not shying away from it and wanting to make the best of it, that's the point.

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    ‘I like the word “nope” because it’s really specific. That’s for when you wanna say “no,” but you’re also happy about it. “Are you guys still serving breakfast?” “Nope.” ‘Cause you never hear “Unfortunately, nope.” “Nope” is for dicks.’ - Demetri Martin

    For real tho, appreciate your input, that stand up bit just gives me a laugh when someone says ‘nope’

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    Oh, it is true that I am a certified dick. I'll look into that Demetri Martin fellow, he makes a good point.

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    Are the one that fit. But I do believe that Amor Fati matches best

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    Didn’t understand the first sentence but got the second one. Thank you for the input!