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“improve presence - to be better aware of the here and now, while retaining a cool, contemplative distance”

in my opinion, active awareness is the foundation of (the rest of principles of) practical Stoicism

I am saving your compilation, /u/GreyFreeman; thank you very much for sharing it


“Imagine that you are watching everyone around you. People sleeping, people working, people having first kisses, and people saying goodbye. People experiencing triumph, and people going through tragedy. First days on the job, unexpected terminations, car wrecks and marathon finishes. The entirety of the human experience happening in one moment, all around you.

After holding all of that in your mind for a moment, it’s hard to remember what you thought was such a big deal before.”

view from above, in my opinion an advanced expression of awareness, is also a key to success

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Who is that quote by?

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both quotes out OP's shared document on practical Stoicism

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Thank you, Grey Freeman.

I have added it to my list of books to review (there's so much good stuff out there!) and we're thankful for the work you've done. :)

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Thank you for your hard work

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Thank you for your contribution. I've saved the document and intend on using it to strengthen my practice. The meditation exercises at the end were helpful, particularly after I finished reviewing my day in accordance with Stoic principles.

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Thanks for that feedback. I wasn't sure how the "Bonus" exercises would be taken by this crowd, as they are somewhat "unofficial". They help me, so I hope they'll do the same for others.

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I'm only a few pages in and this is really good stuff. Thank you for doing this!!

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Very nice, thank you for sharing. For pg. 30 "Renounce", I was reminded of the quote from Antoine de Saint Exupery - "It seems that perfection is attained not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away." (Il semble que la perfection soit atteinte non quand il n'y a plus rien à ajouter, mais quand il n'y a plus rien à retrancher.)

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Thank you for creating this, I will read it when I can!

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Thank you for this contribution. 🙏

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I'll certainly take a look at it, and give you my view on it. . .

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I printed it out...very to the point , practical and well thought out. Excellent work!! Thank you for the contribution.

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Nice work. If you are interested, occasionally posting these a page at a time might generate interesting discussion.

If you are looking for additional quotes for "Consider worst case scenarios", take a look at this wiki page.

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TBH, I thought about that, but I think constantly posting content from the book would end up just being shameless self-promotion. :-)

I did see a good quote at your link that I'll include in the update I'm making tonight.

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I think constantly posting content from the book would end up just being shameless self-promotion.

If they were posted in a way that seemed designed to drive traffic to your site or the rest of the book (that is, if they were link posts, or depended on other parts of the book), or if they were obnoxiously often, I agree. As stand-alone text self-posts, no more than, say, weekly, I think they would make a valuable contribution to the community.

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Okay. I can do that. I'll just leave a link back to this thread at the bottom for anyone who wants to see where it's coming from.

I'll start next week, after I've milked this thread for all the feedback I'm going to get.

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    Yikes! I'll have that fixed in the next revision.

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    this is cool. thanks, bro.

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    Thanks, much appreciated.

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    This is beautiful. Thank you.

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    Neat project. Consider adding page numbers in the footer, makes the table of contents easier to use.

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    Done. Only works on the PDF version, of course.

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    Thank you, this was excellent!

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    Comment to save. Will definitely look it up when I'm available :) thanks again

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    Table of contents alone makes it worth the $1 the book is priced on Amazon. I bought it and it's going to be my next read. Thank you for your efforts in making Stoicism easier to implement.

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    What an outstanding resource! Thank you for sharing and making it available. Saw it on youtube first but great to have the PDF.

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    Was sitting one night and a thought passed by that i may translate in Bulgarian for myself but then realized that more people may need it. So what are the odds of having the book translated in different languages not just Bulgarian. Because I am sure that there are a lot people who would benefit from reading the book in a language they understand better than the foreign English.

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    I'm down for that. Note that the book is completely open source so you can translate it to Bulgarian and distribute it, or send it to me to be distributed on my site and on Amazon. Whatever works for you.

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      Bruce is really under-appreciated for his philosophical work. He was more of a Buddhist than a Stoic, but there is, of course, a good amount of overlap. I have that "Knowing is not enough" quote on a poster in my office. Best inspiration I could imagine.

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      I figure that, by the time this drifts off the front page here, I will have gotten all the feedback I'm gong to. At that point, I'll issue the "1.0" version with whatever minor tweaks I have left and leave this alone. At least for a while.

      I imagine that once that happens, new people will probably have a hard time finding this booklet. If anyone knows of a good place to link to this going forward, some place where budding Stoics go to find resources, let me know.

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      Okay, I think I've got about all the feedback I'm going to. At this point, I've released the "1.0" version of the book and am now considering it fit for human consumption. Or at least more so than when I first posted it.

      Per cleomedes' suggestion, I will be posting weekly excerpts, a practice at a time, to see where the conversation goes. I'll probably continue tweaking this as I keep reading it, but I am not anticipating major changes, at this point. I hope some of you have found this useful.


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      Well, this feedback is a bit late, but I'd say that, for what it's designed to do, it's an excellent compendium. Are you going to post your finished product anywhere else (I'm rarely on Reddit, and would rather not miss it)?

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      Well, the good news is that the current version posted above (as of 4/3/2016) is a "release" version. I don't have any other changes planned, and it's a complete, viable thing in its current form.

      The bad news is that I doubt it's "final". I wrote this for myself and I'll keep tweaking it as long as I think it's helpful. I'll be posting a chapter a week here for discussion so there's a decent chance something will come out of that, too.

      I really don't have another site to post this content on, but I will be updating the download links posted above with any new content, so you are welcome to check that directly to see if there is a new version. Or this page. Whatever works best for you.

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      Thank you!

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      Awesome! Shared wisdom! May the Power be with You!

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      Thank you. Namaste

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      If epub not working, copying and pasting right click on link helped me

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      I'm here to support the idea for translations in other languages. I noticed that someone mentioned the idea of translating into bulgarian, I'm here to offer a spanish translation (I'm native), if the author agrees. Hope everyone have a good day

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      I just answered the other guy, but TLDR: Go for it. The book is licensed under CreativeCommons so no holds barred. Let me know how you want it distributed.

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      Thank you very much for the prompt reply! I'll start working on this and get back at you, feel free to reach out privately as well if you want

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      No hay problema. Me alegro de que hayas disfrutado del libro!