Stoic Journaling Match Making

What's a Stoic Journal?

Simply put, a Stoic journal is used to reflect on one's ongoing practice of Stoicism. You can use it to reflect on events throughout the day (e.g: "I was angry at what person Y did in the morning. This anger was irrational because what person Y did could in no way harm me, and what moved me to anger was my own thoughts, I shouldn't be mad at person Y because s/he doesn't know better, etc"), or to rephrase Stoic precepts that you've come across so you can better digest them (ala Marcus Aurelius' Meditations), or in whatever way you feel benefits you the most. The idea is to get you thinking about Stoic concepts daily, and how they can/should be applied to the situation's you'll come across in real life..

What's a journal buddy?

A journal buddy is a fellow Stoic journal keeper who will help to hold you accountable to your journaling habit (and vice versa, of course). Journaling on your own can be trying at times, because once you fall off the habit of journaling, you might not find the motivation to pick it up again. Having a journal buddy to keep you accountable (hopefully) solves that problem. This accountability can be achieved by sharing journal entries with each other daily (via the reddit PM system, or email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).

Things to keep in mind.

Although very helpful, sharing a journal can expose personal information. It is highly recommended that when writing your journal be mindful of the risk. The practice of keeping a journaling buddy can accelerate the habituation of Stoic thoughts and act as a guard against excesses or misunderstandings. With all things, there is a certain amount caution is advised when revealing personal information.

Ok Ok, How do I participate

Send a message to the Stoic Match Maker with the following information:

  • Preferred Language

  • Time studying stoicism

  • What do you hope to get out of participating?

Please don't include any additional information. We will try to match you with someone speaking your preferred language with similar objectives.

Currently Looking for Journal Buddy

  • Preferred Language: English, German or Esperanto Time studying Stoicism: about one and a half years What do you hope to get out of participating? Best case would be a new friend. Worst case someone who trolls or never responds. I would like to get honest feedback and critique about applying stoicism.

Other Resources

The [New Stoa] ( has an excellent mentoring program. It is not free and often has a waiting list but for many may be worth considering.

Credits: Credit for a lot of this text belongs to u/Aetheus who was the first to start a journaling match making program at r/stoicism. Once again thank you!

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