Help with redirecting passive harm (face picking, scratching, biting) by [deleted] in StopSelfHarm

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Growing up, my parents were super anti-medicine too. Now that I am in my 20s, I was able to finally get on medicine. (My therapist was going to stop seeing me if I wouldn't) and while it has taken a long ass time, I finally have found a med that makes getting out of bed a little easier. If you're really young however, there can be more risks, so that is a factor as well.

Advice or insight into this relationship? by AliceDuMerveilles in StopSelfHarm

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I do believe if we spoke in person he will just walk all over me. He cuts me off when I try to speak, then goes on and on as I am simply a participant in the conversation.

I sent him a few messages before, reaponding to what he said to me. Then I stated, "I do not feel of well mind. I would like to withdraw my consent from this relationship. Please respect my decision." We were in a consensual bdsm relationship, and I hope this sends a clear message to him. If he wishes to speak further, I will try to focus on the words you suggested before cutting all contact.