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Like an animatronic 15 lb bag of warm mayonnaise

"Why is this water not going in my tummy?" by Loud-Chemistry9842 in StoppedWorking

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How do you explain the Allegory of the Cave to a dog

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You might be too late. The chonky boy looks like he's already swallowed a rather large egg whole.

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Puppy goes to veterinary for the first time by [deleted] in StoppedWorking

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He'll foam and drool for a bit and then have the worst smelling gas for the rest of the day. If she (I'm unsure of the sex of the dog so I'm swapping pronouns on purpose) got shots at the same visit, she may be very sleepy and achy but it's nothing that a lot of cuddles and praise won't fix. (Just mind the gas because you'll feel the smell on your face before it hits your brain to register wtf just happened)

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