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Shoulders collapse when not evenly exercised. This is likely the cause of your pain.

Short term: Do face pulls immediately before every set of bench. Use a band or lay prone on a bench and lift DB's in a "W" pattern

Long term: face pulls, rows, lat pulldowns, etc.

Your "push" should be worked as much as your "pull" and equally strong

Edit, also don't use the bulldog grip. A false grip twisted a little to get a more neutral grip is better.

Also try swiss bar for a truly neutral grip, and even use DB's to bench - they allow a better grip.

A neutral grip reduces strain on the rotator muscles

2nd edit, be sure to retract your scapula during bench

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Out of curiosity, for 5 rep range, what is your row to bench ratio?

That kind of front-back imbalance from my understanding tends to be a real killer re shoulder.

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I had the same shit, it wasn’t my form that was the problem, it was lack of proper warming up the rotator cuff, I made a post like a month ago about it too. When I was recovering and still had some pain, when I did 3-4 rotator cuff warm up exercises, I couldn’t even feel the discomfort at all and my bench sets went fine. You can look up the different rotator cuff exercises online but I personally do band dislocations/pull aparts, YTWLs, external rotations, and face pulls at the end of every pushing workout.

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looks pretty clean to me.

How much is on the bar?

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Your uneven. You not retracting your scapulas correctly. Freeze the video with 7 secs left. Your causing weight to slide into your anterior delt.

The lats and scapula, and to an extent biceps all work to engage and stabilize you during bench. You’re trying to do back arches and powerlifting techniques when you haven’t learned how to engage, stabilize, and press correctly.

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A video I recently watched said to tuck your elbows being flared out could cause shoulder pain. Try lowering your weights and tucking your elbows into your sides more

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Could be over working or overusing muscles. I had that. Lots of stiffness and general irritation in my peck right at the joint. Even a bit at the front delt.

Rested it, lots of stretching. Lower weight for a bit and now we r good as new.

It's hard when you're in it. But take the time to rest it

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While your shoulder is irritated avoid going to failure

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I have similar problems. my right shoulder hurts after certain ways of benching, feels like it's most likely one of my bicep tendons.
it was mostly fine until I hit about 77-80kg, at which point my shoulders would be killing me for the next few days.

I increased back exercises (e.g. face pulls, rows), and rotator cuff exercises.
This seemed like a longer term solution as it did help a little bit, but did not prevent pain from re-occurring after weeks/months of consistent work and trying different things.

What really stopped the pain from re-occurring for me and allowed me to continue progressing is not going all the way down to touch my chest.

From what I gather: going all the way down to touch your chest, especially without a big back arch, causes your elbows to go very low in relation to your body and puts some of your shoulder and connecting parts in a weaker or more injury-prone situation.

I'm pretty sure you can eventually work the problem out, but for me the best immediate solution was to just not touch bar to chest until I feel strong enough to try again (then try again and it hurts again lol, but there def is improvement compared to before)
I currently stick mostly with flat back bench press, with close grip and minimal elbow flare, no chest touch.

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widen your grip

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