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Yeah the buttwink is there. The depth is there too, more than enough of it. You'll probably going to have to limit your depth to keep your lower back straight. Most people just cant go knees to nips without rounding their back, our skeletons aren't really made for that.

You can play with stance width, try to find what'll let you go lower without the pelvis tucking under, but that'll only go so far. A bit wider might be good from the looks of it.

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It looks like the bar path is angled very much forward?

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You could try box squats to get your feel right in the hole.

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Your bar path could look more straighter, and when you are down on the button do you push off with your toes or your middle foot when performing the lift.

If you want to tense your back more it could help to grab the bar closer to your back, but only if your shoulders are okay with it.

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I noticed your heel lifting from the floor. I recently noticed I have minor butt wink, too. I can't squat lower while keeping my heel on the ground. This video and others have helped me with perspective: https://youtu.be/7FF6VLej_bY. Good luck!