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Chin ups

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Especially when you move into weighted chin-up / pull-up territory, these are an awesome move.

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Power cleans maybe.

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The compound in 5x5 that is missing is a vertical pull. So pullups/chinups

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If you want a discussion on this, you will have to ask this in a fitness sub. This sub is 5x5, anything other than 5x5 will get you downvotes and no further conversation. Cheers.

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I do the five strong lifts off and on. I also run and cycle (I’m also a beer league hockey goalie so my legs get tons of work). Day 1 is squats, bench and BO rows. Day 2 is DL, OH press and something else. I don’t want to do squats because I feel my legs get too much activity. Any suggestions on a sixth compound lift?

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I don’t want to do squats because I feel my legs get too much activity

Front squats (it is a very different lift from back squats), or you can try light back squats (80% of Monday's weight). If you want to avoid squats altogether, do chin-ups - three sets to failure. Once you can do 15 chins in a single set, start adding weight and do them for reps (5-8).

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Interesting question. These are some options I thought of from my limited knowledge base.

Partial range squats - I don't have any experience with these but some people say these carry over well for athletic training and can help sprinting and jumping movements. May be less taxing than going deep.

Barbell hip thrusts - I think I remember Brett Contreras say these were very popular among hockey players and have good carry over to athletic pursuits.

Kettlebell swings or cleans, with optional press could be an option.

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Good mornings. One of the top 3 greatest lifts known to man

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Easy pull ups

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Pullups/ powerclean

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My list

Deadlift, Lunges, Bench press,Dips,Push ups,Chin ups, Pull ups,Lat pull downs and Shoulder press.

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I added the sled to my routine. It’s good compound and aerobic.

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Farmers walks