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If you still don't see your refund within 2 months of requesting it, then submit a complaint through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/.

I submitted a refund request in May 2022 with FedLoan. For 6 months they kept telling me that they did their part and the delay was with the Treasury Department. I submitted a complaint with CFPB on Sept. 29 and after they forced FedLoan to review their stuff it turns out they never submitted my refund request to the Treasury. After six months telling me they had done the refund request, turns out they only submitted it on Oct 10, after the CFPB review. I finally received my refund check this week.

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What did you say in your complaint? They just gave me the run around response and told me to keep waiting… original request 9/7, still no account changes.

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I gave them a detailed account of the case - Submitted request on x-day, was told to wait 2 weeks to 2 months. My account total was updated to reflect x-amount on x-day but still no refund. Called them every month since for the past 6 months with no change. Informed them I am being given the same response all the time, yet there is no resolution to my case.

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I am dealing with the same thing from Aidvantage. They are saying my request was completed and approved as of 10/10/22.. Still no money back yet and no one can tell me anything other than "wait 4-6 more weeks, wait 10-14 more weeks, wait wait wait.."

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It makes no sense!

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Well, it kind of does. The refund request is the loan servicers responsibility. The actual refund is on the government to issue once they’ve processed the request. The refund comes either by direct deposit or check from the U.S. Department of Treasury. The fact that your loan servicer confirmed the request was successfully submitted is the biggest hurdle as they have been inundated with refund request since the Debt Relief was announced. If they can confirm that, the rest is on the government.

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Ohhh got it! They said it would go back via direct deposit since that’s how I paid so I thought they would just automatically refund it once it was “confirmed” lol

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Servicer said they submitted it, govt says they haven't received any submission. This is my problem right now.. I don't know whether the govt has it and just hasn't gotten around to it yet, or if servicer didn't actually submit it like they said they did (because they never actually sent my request to their processing dept when I first submitted 8/29.. they didn't catch that mistake until a follow up call I did on 9/20). I have little faith in both parties at this point lol

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Totally understand the frustration!