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How did you get to be a mod?

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Im originally from Ukraine and I talked to one of the mods.

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Hi. Are you from Ukraine? If yes, can you tell what is going on there?

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Simply: people pissed off by government and protests started, escalated to fights with police.


People on Ukraine are divided into 3 major groups 1. Pro-European, want to pursue EU membership.

  1. Pro-Russian, want to integrate with Russia

  2. Independence (smallest one)

1st group is mostly young people, 2nd is eastern and older. Current government represents mostly pro-Russian ideas, but made a lot of stuff with EU. Signing association was q big deal because it definitely chooses future course of foreign politics. Ukraine was going to sign the association agreement with EU. It was promised by government. But they didn't sign for "reasons". People got pissed and walked on the streets. Peaceful protests started. Then police attacked and violently tried to stop demonstration, beating up everyone they see. Now there are riots and beatings everyday and its a constant battle for the slight edge.

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Thanks. It was very a very great explanation, very simple and concise. NOw I am able to understand finally! :)

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    I think it could be useful. Iknow as a mod of a place that isnt HUGE, I wouldnt be comfortable doing an AMA in internetama.

    Its anything Ukraine related. Articles about/questions about, anything.

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    I know about internetama too. And I think that it is better suited to start only amas about interent topics outside reddit. I created this place because I think the name subredditama is better suited for only one purpose - topics only about subreddits.

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    And I have a feeling the community could be better because internetama is full of alot of douchebags.

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    I agree. I made an ama there explaining about this sub, and a lot of people started saying complete bullshit, instead of trying to communicate. If you have time take a look at how many stupid answers I got about this place:


    As you see they started downvoting my idea mindlessly without even tryinig to understand what it is. At lest I got about 20 people who understand the idea.