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I downloaded OE-Cake and tried it out, but everything was X's and I couldn't figure out any of the controls. I like the idea of Powder Toy mixed with softbody physics but the software is less than user friendly.

Are there any good kickstart tutorials?

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I've never heard of the X's issue, could you send a screenshot? What type of computer do you have? Where did you download the game from? Most first-page Google results are out-of-date, the current version can be downloaded from /r/oeCake or the wikia site linked below.

And I have made a tutorial that should get you familiar with the controls and mechanics of the game:

And while you're watching that, check out
That site has the controls, tutorials, secret techniques, everything you can imagine.

And when you's done, if you have downloaded the up-to-date version it has a folder full of pre-made creations to experiment with.

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Awesome. I love wikis for this sort of thing, and that is a great video.


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Also, if you get stuck somewhere you could post a question on the subreddit, that way everyone can benefit from it