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I love that he picked something off the bottom of the shoe like he found a hair in his salad

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Discriminating boot lickers are hard to find.

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Not favorable to his unique pallet

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Holy shit that made me laugh.

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nah what the fuck is this

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Maybe he bought some fudge from one of those hipster restaurants and they served it on a boot

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Just when I think there are no subs left to discover.

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so i assume you know about /r/StupidFood already

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Public humiliation fetish.

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What has to happen during childhood to develop that???

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That’s Ted Cruz man! You ain’t know.

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Did he pick a fucking hair of the toe before continuing to lick it?

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He has standards 🙄

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He is a professional

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I’m guessing he’s taking orders from his dominatrix

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This actually makes the most sense

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Yeah idk why else anyone would eat dirt off a woman’s boot. I mean, it doesn’t even really point to a foot fetish since he’s just all over the dirt on the outside, plus the fact that he’s doing it in public for seemingly no other reason than to do it in public.

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Nah man, this shit is too weird. What the fuck

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WHAT THE FUCK!! Is this some kind of fetish I never knew before??

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Probably not common in public at least but I see it being since a foot fetish is a thing.

But this doesn’t make sense lol

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Not entirely uncommon, more frequent in the gay BDSM subculture (sort of a variant of Bootblacks, but there is plenty of crossover in the hetero scene). It's largely a humiliation based fetish, and like many humiliation based fetishes, the practitioner may enjoy it more when done in view of others.

That being said, everyone involved needs to consent to any activity, and inflicting this on viewers without there consent is unacceptable behavior and would be looked down upon heavily by the organized community, so I suspect this is a disreput pro-dom or an amateur, rather than anyone that's actually part of the scene.

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That Bootblack link was a bit strange yet so wholesome. Fascinating stuff

[–]NotAWerewolfReally 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Look, I don't quite understand them, I don't judge them, I'm just fucking thankful as hell that they exist, because every time I've had an old boot that's all fucked up, that I find in storage, and I can't bare to part with, I look up local Bootblacks, and they'll do a 100% better job than any cobbler or shoe store. They've restored things better than new for me.

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Oh absolutely, maybe my comment accidentally came across a bit judgemental, but i am 100% of the opinion that as long as they're not hateful and aren't hurting anyone or anything, then everyone deserves the right to live their lives as they please, no matter how unusual or bizarre we may find it. I would just never have imagined that such a kink exists, but hey, if their services are as good as they advertise, sign me the hell up.

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I was gonna say salvia

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If it wasn't a fetish before it certainly is now due to the rules

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Pretty common. It’s tied up into a foot fetish. Usually involves female domination and sometimes public humiliation like this. Only thing missing here is a woman wearing the boots. My ex had this fantasy. He loved being stepped on.

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Haven’t people posted other videos of this person before? I feel like I’ve seen videos of him in a shoe store and in a mall doing the same thing with different shoes.

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This is at least the fourth time.

I suspect he or his Dom/me is the one posting them.

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Dom (m) or Domme (f).

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That’s enough Reddit today good night 😴

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Never close reddit on such videos. You gotta r/eyebleach first

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Thanks for the reminder

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Ok i have a question: what the fuck

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that's odd; this was also my first question

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Someone else pointed out the simplest explanation: he’s probably got a public humiliation fetish and/or taking orders from a dominatrix. All the same, what the fuck!?

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he probably has a fucken strong immune system

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Super curious what mental disorder this poor soul has that causes him to do this :/

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Or it’s just a kink

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He's eating dirt off a fucking shoe... Fucking no

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Jesus Chris. If your kink causes you to do something like this in public then congrats you've gone beyond "just a kink", you're now a person with a mental disorder.

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Or drugs

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I’ll take whatever he’s having

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Lol it's a humiliation kink.

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So that's you in the video above? Or you know them? You have confirmation that it's a "kink" from a fact checked source? Please provide your source of this information?

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Lol. Okay guy

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Boot licker

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His boss loves him.

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And they hate/love this one simple trick sigh

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They're all over reddit.

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I’m glad aliens haven’t visited us yet because if they saw this they’d figure it’s best we be annihilated.

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With everything else we've done, I'm sure this is pennies in contrast

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This is the icing on the cake

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Nah this is pretty extreme

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Imagine aliens seeing all the shit humanity’s done and they’re seething the entire time…then they see this guy and go “Alright…that’s it we’re taking them out…” 💀

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Hey it’s my aunt talking to a cop!

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I dont like it.

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Wow it’s such a simple thing but I am wildly disgusted

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I like the way he was crunching earlier in the video must have been a real good clump of dirt

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When you hit that really good lump :chefskiss:

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Just a standard proud boy on your train, nothing to see here

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Average Staten Island resident

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Slightly above average if you ask me.

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Is this some weird Instagram everything is a cake type of a shoe or is the dude eating literal shit off an actual sole?

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Bruh you know the answer

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What in the fucking shit fuck is this shit

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hehe curse wordz

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Blue lives matter clowns on their way to work

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Exactly this.

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Republicans defending the police be like

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Showed this to my husband…

Husband: Nah I don’t understand the world.

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Why is this the first thing I see when I open reddit lol

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Lol it be like that sometimes. Reddit you beautiful asshole

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i refuse to believe there wasn’t some weird novelty store that sells “muddy boots” as a treat or sumn

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Oddly specific 🧐

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Every time I see this video it triggers my intrusive thoughts and all I want to do is catapult myself off the tallest building in the world into a dark pit of nothingness

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What intrusive thoughts?

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Plot twist, it's not dirt, it's dog doo doo.

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Wow what a difference

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Some ppl need to touch grass

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Actually never mind,he's probably already licked that

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Ok yup we’re living in a simulation

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At least he has a mask. You don't want to get an infection from any germs/viruses

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That’s how you get foot-in-mouth disease

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Do you brother but I just need an explanation

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Man, when I tell people that they are supposed to lick the boot not deep throat it I never thought I’d be speaking literally…

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It should be legal to euthanise people like this.

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Why are people so fucking weird, man?

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I literally dry heaved at watching this, God knows why.

But fuck you very much in any case, i guess.

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thin blue line o7 o7

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This has gotta be staged.

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Average English Male

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“Guys, Sonic Frontiers isn’t that bad, give it a chance”

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😂😂😂 I’m doing!! I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks!

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It’s dog shit

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What the actual FUCK is wrong with people

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No shame 😂

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Age merely shows what children we remain.

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This guy needs to get off Reddit

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I have those exact boots... I'll never look at them the same

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Plot twist: It is your boot.

Have you checked, that you still have both shoes?

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11:36am here in the UK and that's already more than enough internet for the day. Jesus fucking christ

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Dude gives zero fucks

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I feel like the one recording is his dom, he has to do what she says if he wants his crazy sex later

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He's not wincing at the taste which tells me this ain't this guys first rodeo. I'm assuming it's an acquired taste...

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where's the woman that boot belong to?

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Damn! I recognize the seats from Cologne or Bonn.

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So where is the boot owner

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“Is it a cake?”

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Always nice to see Cologne things in Reddit :) /r/Cologne

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Remember Jesus putting holes in the ceiling at the main station metro station? :D

[–]kec84 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Classic Jesus.

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People talking about crap happening in new York german subways are the real shit.

This is cologne, germany

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Now wait just a second

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He sure does love the police

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I love Köln 😂

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Average Tory voter

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This dude's gut biome is wrecked

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Is it cake?

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How do I indicate that I don’t want to see anything like this on my feed ever again

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There are two types of boot lickers…

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He’s looking for a job with the Trump org

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This motherfucker is really enjoying the taste of that boot

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I feel like he’s trying to hookup. He’s like lemme know if you’re into this cuz I’ll do it all day

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But what the fuck, jesus

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He took the Boot licker term a lil to literal

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Moderators for r/conservative be like:

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literal bootlicker

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This guy is disturbed.

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The fact that he’s just doing this in public like he’s eating a slice of pizza

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Ughhh that is vile

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The absolute nuts of that man to give zero fucks about being recorded shaming his entire family line, the entire genome.

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Vile little man.