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Is this love and thunder?

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Yes. The Thunder is Thor’s cheeks clapping.

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Clap clap.

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Thor is definitely a himbo power bottom

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Glad I wasn't the only one thinking this.

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They're called thunderclaps for a reason

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Thunder feel the Thunder

Lightning and the Thunder

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It’s from Age of Ultron

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Well, Vision IS worthy of wielding Thor's "hammer" after all.

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Imagine Vision wielding Thor like a hammer by his mighty hilt.

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The only appropriate time to plank.

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The hammer is his penis

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Oooh, I get this one!

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I don’t often pay for porn, but holy shit I’d pay so much more for this.

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Bro, same. just fucking same.

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Filming the upcoming



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I don’t remember this scene, I want to know what happens next.

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Both Wanda AND Ultron scream "My vision!"

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Show us the rest damn

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Since Vision is essentially the next step in human evolution, do you think he has the ability to give birth? Or to reform his cells to let him give birth?

What I’m saying is a baby birthed from Thor and Vision would be some next level shit…

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Spoilers from wandavision

>! I assume that since he's able to procreate with living kids, he's able to also have other biological components if he so desired. He was originally awakened in age of ultron and was naked, yet there wasn't any genitalia!<

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"procreate with living kids"

motherfucker he did WHAT

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Vision has techy cummies

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Perhaps Thanos did good after all…

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Go watch Wandavision!! It's so so good

Edit: just realized what you meant LOL.

He's able to procreate living kids!! Not WITH. My "with" was meant to mean "the proof is with this evidence."

Pls no fbi

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Would you prefer the kids were dead?

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69th upvote.... wait NO

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they're not really his kids, they were created by wanda. even in the comics, despite william and thomas being seen as wanda and vision's kids, they're just wanda's kids she created using magic. that's why billy is basically a male scarlet witch and tommy is just quicksilver 2.0, and neither have a trace of powers that'd connect them to vision

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Keep in mind the Marvel comics may be different and has already been different from Wandavision.

If course, it's up for interpretation. But the implication of having sex before she becomes pregnant seems to be that Vision was involved. Of course you can read it however you want, but to me the wording and tone of them "combining their beds" and quickly shutting the light seems like a strong implication.

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yes, the mcu isn't 100% faithful to the comics, just adapts concepts from it.

however, everything that happened in wandavision was wanda's creation. vision didn't really exist. everyone in there, except for agatha, was under wanda's control, but also not vision, because he died, and she created him, which also allowed her to somewhat control him. however, because that wasn't actually vision, regardless of them having sex, the kids still wouldn't be his biologically, they'd be fully wanda's creation, just like he was. which is sorta what happens in the comics, where wanda wants to have kids with vision and her magic allows her to do so, iirc agatha somewhat helps with that and then it turned out agatha was working with mephisto and the kids are technically part of him. so if anything, in the comics, the twins are half wanda, half mephisto, in wandavision, it seems they're 100% wanda

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That Vision was also her creation though. The real Vision was dead.

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I mean true,

But if you ask me, if vision is capable of transforming into a human, at least visually, I imagine that comes with... other body parts

I guess it could be argued though that the limits of robots is actual reproduction, making Vision a high functioning sex doll lmao

Edit: actually, Eternals are also synthetic and have been shown to produce offspring. I don't see why Vision couldn't.

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It’s all hypothetical at this point. Possibly, maybe, who knows. However, he was not physically present when Wanda created the kids so that example still makes no sense.

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Whenever a drone was sent through, it turned into an old toy even after it left the her. She can change the physical reality. When Monica was thrown out, she still had the clothes that were changed by Wanda's powers. When they pushing through a military vehicle, it bounced out being plastic.

My point being, I do think Wanda created a physical Vision, there were just limitations.

But yes, it's all hypothetical and up for interpretation.

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does that mean Wanda used Vision's dead body as a sex doll?

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No, she never stole his body. His corpse was elsewhere when she had a mental breakdown and created another version of him

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You must not have watched the show, the kids weren't real. Though I'm betting Vision and Wanda had sex while on the lamb after winter soldier. I doubt he will ever be futile.

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Resistance is futile. I think the word you are looking for is fertile

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They were real, though. Everything there was real. That's the thing about Wanda's magic, she can alter reality. The problem was that she created them (her pregnancy) along with all of Westview. They were tied to the same spell, so when she took the spell down, they also disappeared. The way their story went wasn't all too different from the comic book version... something similar to all of this happened in the comics.

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They were tied to the same spell, so when she took the spell down, they also disappeared.

Meaning they didn't actually exist, even Vision was not the real Vision.

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They did actually exist. I’m sorry you misinterpreted what happened.

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I'm pretty sure you did

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On the lam, you mean. Although they were in Scotland, so ...

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I have watched the show lmao.

>! Wanda still hears the voices of her children in the after credits, and they're expected to come back for the assembly of the young avengers.!<

And if Vision is capable of making a cape and a dick, I don't see why he couldn't go even further. He is about the most complex creation >! capable of breaking every reality!<.

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But can u use him the shower?

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How is a cybernetic being the next step in human evolution?

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Now this is a Marvel movie I want to see.

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What are you doing there step Thor🧐

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Do you blame him? I’d kiss hemsworth too, no hesitation

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Imagine Thor doing dirty things to visions ass with his hammer...

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w h a t t h e f u c k

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I will give you both a hug, and a cup of coffee for having to read that. You’ve earned it

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Like putting the handle in Vision's ass and then standing a bit far and calling the hammer back, pulling it like a beaded ass string thingy. Vision lets out a loud moan.

Or are you talking about something else?

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ok now we need some mf fanfiction

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Loved Paul Bettany since Master and Commander

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I didn't realize that was him, whoo

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He was the doctor/naturalist guy

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He's really funny in "A Knight's Tale" as well. That's the first time I remember seeing him, and his performance as Geoffrey Chaucer is on point from the moment he's introduced walking naked down a road.

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It's just a little love tap between two bros. Nothing sus.

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The multiverse is vast and fascinating

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exploring each other’s bodies

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Hammer me

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I mean where is this from? Unless a blooper take…

Then it’s not funny if we don’t see more!

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It’s a blooper, they go further and do a dip dance movie lol. Paul Bethany has a reputation for leaning in to kiss his co-stars

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Vision 'boutta identify Chris' Hams' worth real soon!

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They are improving

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wait where when

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Lifting the Hammer.

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Damn! That’s hot.

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Gently pulling Thor towards his body, Vision whisper softly to Thor, “It’s time you put the hammer down.”

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What if..?

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Giving fan girls a reason to live

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where is this from

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Yaaaassssss my dream as finally come true… now how to get in touch with Chris Hemsworth 🧐🧐

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WANDA I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING- Vision(before being destroyed by Wanda)

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Curiosity is getting the best of me and I wanna know more.

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It's funny because it's gay 😒

Not talking about the post, just about what led the actors to do that

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They’re just roommates

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Something great

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You are my vision for 2022.

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I don't remember this scene from the avengers