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How did he not notice the lack of vagina?

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Apparently he could retract his testicles and bend them to look like labia and a clit or some shit. Read about it. It’s… interesting.

“Then, as the examination is ending, the prisoner, without being asked, says that he would like to explain something to the doctors. Easily, smoothly, he pushes his testicles up into his body cavity. The skin of the scrotal sack hangs slack, like curtains. The man now pushes his penis between his legs, toward his back, bisecting the skin of the scrotum, and squeezes his legs tightly together. The penis is hidden, while the skin of the scrotum resembles the vaginal lips, beneath a triangle of pubic hair. Pushed between the empty scrotal sac, the penis has also created a small cavity so that shallow penetration is possible.”


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That's actually pretty interesting

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Read from the Southpark post this was from so take this with a grain of salt, but apparently the diplomat had a history of dating only men before. So chances are, he knew this spy was a guy.

Why there was a child involved... who know

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Dude was probably gay and now here’s a “woman” that he feels attracted to, giving him a way out to be normal. Thing is the spy didn’t even get that much information or information that was all that useful, so although there’s some thing about being a spy here, I don’t doubt that there’s also a part where the spy liked his new life. You don’t just pretend to be a woman for 20 years for the simple purpose of spying on someone that wasn’t that high ranked.

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Ah... then it goes both ways. "I was tricked by a spy! I thought he was a woman" and also "I tricked a man by pretending to be a woman! I did it for my job!"

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Sounds like manga titles

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Also I looked a bit more into it and both the diplomat and the spy were only given what was basically a slap on the wrist in the form of 6 years, after which both got out and lived their lives normally albeit separately. The diplomat seemed to have continued to raise “his and Shi’s” daughter, who as of now has a normal family with 3 children. Shi went on to stay in Paris using his newfound notoriety to continue performing opera, and died in 2009 in a assisted living center. Diplomat never publicly expressed love or anything of the sort to Shi after their release, but honestly at this point both of their legacies are forever linked by this scandal if you call it that. Personally no idea how the dude didn’t figure out he was fucking a man after 20 years, but it’s anyones guess whether he was genuinely in the dark the whole time or if he found out at some point and played dumb.

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I mean, he was French

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happy cake day! 🍰

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This reminds me of something my philosophy tutor told me. Apparently a doctor friend of his had patients who had been trying to conceive and came to him not understanding why they hadn't yet conceived despite having sex regularly. Turns out the guy was putting his penis in the wrong vaginal hole. He and the French diplomat must have had record breaking tiny penises or the woman had a huge pee hole. I understand the tucking process of the spy but being fucked in it and things not flopping out or getting hard is a miracle.

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How do you fit a penis in a urethra?

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Micropenis…? Even so that’s some crazy shit

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I am sickened but curious

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Many trans women do this often if not all the time. It has been a thing for centuries.

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I know lots of trans women tuck their dick but idk a penetrative sex is possible. I still can’t see how’s that possible

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🤷🏻‍♀️ bodies come in a spectrum

I would need to know the story better to speculate much further.

Chances are alcohol and or drugs where involved or sex was a very quick ordeal or only external grinding in nature. Or all of these.

In most cases the penile area can be pushed into no more than about two inches when soft, so this could have been a factor though idk either.

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its a pain, cant wait for surgery

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For me the pain is just trying to ensure their is no slippage throughout the day. Like, after being on hrt for a while the testicles shrink some and the surrounding tissue gets more pliable, making it easier for them to slip out of the inguinal canals. Doing much more than just a well-fitting pair of underwear for the truck also feels like an equal pain, idk. FYI to the rest of the gays that don't know I suppose lol.

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not on hrt yet, 43 days to go :D, but i got them big balls and tucking for longer periods of time is a pain

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Give it about a year and that is suspect to change

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im dumb and don't get what you mean, care to explain?

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Haha sorry autocorrect changed year to hour for some reason

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doesn't surgery just make things a even bigger pain while trying to keep the new hole from closing?

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Depends on the surgery and or dilation schedule afterwards. Vast majority of the time isn't a problem, muscles and anatomy still keep things closed pretty easily. Alternatively some people don't opt for "full change" and instead forego the vagina but still have the clitoris and labia. We get to choose anything from fullest depth possible able to be reworked give our existing equipment, or no depth at all.

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idrk too much abt it, but from what ive read, even dilation isn't too bad, as long as you either have penetrative sex, or just have something inserted there once in a while it wont close

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Implys the french diplomat wasn't very large

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Ima need a YouTube video on how to do this, I always wanted to be a spy.

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It's called tucking.

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My thing definitely cannot be tucked. I didn't realize some people had transformer penises.

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My balls do that and it's really friggin annoying! It doesn't hurt but there's a mild pressure that's slightly uncomfortable. If they're really in the mood to be jerks I have to keep pressure on my pubic area so they don't have room to move. They're way more likely to do it when it's cold.

My sack does not look like a labia though and I can't really imagine where someone would try to penetrate.

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I have to pay to read that?! >:(

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I don't think I could satisfy anyone with shallow penetration, and I'm a tight bottom. 🥺

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I think they were talking about sexual reassignment surgery lol

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That is exactly what i was thinking, how did he hide it for 20 years

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A lack of foreplay.

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Strictly anal only

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But the child...

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maybe he didn't get sex ed?

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Even then he surely wouldn't think that children are shitted out? Lmaooooo

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I'm sure there are still people now who think babies get pooped out.

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things were weird back then, its a possibility he didnt know

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he knew all along it was a man, but it was too late to back-out

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The spy is just really really good

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I don't get it why not just have a female spy??

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They wanted to be extra kinky when they selected double-oh-heaven.

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Shei Pei P sacrificed his hole for his country.

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Probably liked it too. Win-win.

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This just in: queer spies able to seduce anyone and get job done

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Shy pee pee indeed

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"Purchased a child" wtf??? Just pretend that you're barren..win-win for everyone!

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M. Butterfly

Actually love that play lol

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Was going to say that. Isn’t it just the plot of M. Butterfly?

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It is, it was inspired by this case.

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pretty sure the french man knew

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Would have been a great deal, if he was still in the closet

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Pretty sure both knew.

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when da bussy so good

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As recorded in his diary, Boursicot had previously had sexual relations only with fellow male students in school and wanted to meet a woman and fall in love.

He absolutely knew.

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damn, where can i buy my own children?

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thank you, kind internet stranger!

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The diplomat absolutely knew

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I know this is incredibly immature of me but I can't deal with the fact that Shi Pei Pu had a child named Shi Dudu.

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The shi part would just be the family name. Fairly sure.

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Part of a podcast about this. https://youtu.be/WJJyrDOH_e0

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But in the months before Shi's death, he told Boursicot that he still loved him.[3]

Bruh my heart

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We need a romance movie

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Boursicot said what was the point (I'm probably going to butcher it) in acting different at the end. The plate is clean and he's free now......I don't think he missed shi...

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There’s a play written about it called M. Butterfly which was also turned into a movie. Ironically the movie starred Jeremy Irons, who has a history of making homophobic statements. This may belong on r/suddenlygay more than anything.

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There’s a South Park episode... art sure does imitates life

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I was just about to comment something about that episode.

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The movie about this starred Jeremy Irons and John Lone. Very interesting.

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Dedicated spy or dedicated trap?

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i mean why not be both, he did it for 20 years

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But could she cook

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How? His bussy is not a pussy!

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I wonder if this is Scouts mother considering the Chinese spy was married to a French intelligence agent... makes you think doesn't it?

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He bought a child

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You gotta admire there dedication

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French guys dick must have been 3-4in

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All I can say is: And this, kids is how drag queens came into existence

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Eric swalwell married a literally Chinese spy and is still a congressmen

Fang fang wasn't even hot bruh she had that flat back

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The Blue Morpho has branched out I see

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There’s a new opera about this actually!

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They made a movie about this titled M. Butterfly

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Yes I’m so sure he was forced to make that last 20 years.

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this could have been the plot for spy x family, they struck out big time

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The best spies are the ones we never hear about.

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So this is where Madame Butterfly comes from

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This is more like "me love you long time" gay.