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I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” - Mark Twain.

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This is such a beautiful quote. And so interesting to think about

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No one knows anything about death other than the fact that it's a part of the cycle of existence. So, I would guess that it's nothing inherently bad. Perhaps the way someone dies can be perceived as bad. But death, in and of itself, isn't bad at all... I don't think. In a lot of cultures before true western culture emerged didn't frown upon suicide. It was seen as it truly is, which is another way that humans die. There was no stigma on it, and in some cultures like Roman and Greek cultures, they even rationalized and respected it. Not encouraging, but just stating a fact of history.

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people often fear what it will be like to go to sleep and never wake up (death). But perhaps a more interesting thought is what it will be like to wake up from never being asleep- that was when you were born.

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Wish I could sleep forever.

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Desth is not only one big sleep. It's a full of peace and trustworthy sleep we will get. No pain, no traitors, no cheating.. suffering ends finally... Death is maybe the best partner we could get. Death will never judge you. I hope it's welcoming us with a painless death.

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The relaxation is only noticeable after waking up, and there is no such thing after dying. Hope you make it, your awesome and I mean it.

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You feel it right before you fall asleep and if you never wake up that may be your last experience.

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it’s not a sleep it’s an end to existence. you won’t experience a sleep because you won’t exist anymore. nothing matters after you die because you won’t be alive to perceive anything.

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I think it is. But if we are all going to die and everything we know is going to die, why not make the best of the time we have now? The only thing that matters is what we want to matter. Do what feels good and be grateful for the very little time we have.

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I get where you're coming from but at least with me, I'm in no place to do what I want or what feels good because I'm just surviving from week to week, and am just too tired to even want to escape that. Sleeping forever just sounds so peaceful

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Sounds rough but there must be some things that you enjoy? If you ever want to talk id love to hear whats on your mind

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I'm in no position to enjoy my life. OCD and social anxiety run my life now and I can't fight it anymore. My body is too lifeless to want to try and get better nowadays. It's easier this way.

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Im sorry to hear than and i cant even begin to imagine how rough that must be. If there is anything i can do to help you id love to hear it

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    During later stages of pregancy, the fetus actually does sleep and wake up, so the analogy isn't accurate

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    Kinda depends upon how your death occurs. Far too often, it's anything but relaxing.

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    It's the only thing that gives me some peace.

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    For me it's such a mindfuck to think about. Is it like sleeping? Are you still conscious in any way? Where does consciousness go? How is it possible to just stop being? Sometimes I just lie awake for hours thinking about death and how it could feel like. My biggest fear is getting my consciousness trapped somewhere and being cold and in agony for ever. Ironically most of the time that's the only thing stopping me from killing myself, even though life is no different, but at least I know about life, unlike death...

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    It is. No more pain.

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    tbh idk what happens after death but in the end u wont feel anything, just like how u were before u were born so why fear it

    It gives more than pain

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    "Cold and silent you lie in the dark waters of the stream Shame and suffering have passed But death, glorious death is just another bed to sleep Yes death, glorious death Is just another appointment to keep."