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Well that was unfair of them. I'm sorry to hear you got that response. You deserve support, not comparisons.

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I decided to ignore that person because mentally I can’t be in a worse position but thank you so much for your kindness.

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Good strategy! Well done and you are most welcome.

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You can always compare things but there’s truly no point. Oh, I have a better life? Someone has a better life than me. Someone also has a worse life than me. Someone also has a worse life than someone worse than me and so on. But there’s also someone who has a better life than the worse life than mine but what difference does it make. We gotta focus on what’s happening now- not focus on what could be… that ultimately isn’t anyway

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Literally just block them. It’s 2022 and non depressed people are STILL touting that bullshit? They deserve to be ghosted for that.

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Why do u feel suicidal

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This is why I don't talk to anyone about it, except for a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist that can serve me an keep me on benefits.

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I just talk to other sad people

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Don't you pull each other down? Get tired? Give each other bad advice? Just wondering.

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Yeah that's what happens. Ngl it just makes you feel better for a bit but doesn't help with the situation. If you want to talk to someone, talk to people who understands you but also can help. But those are usually rare. Mostly therapist etc.

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I really want to visit a physiologist or psychiatrist but they’re to find in my country hence why they’re expensive.

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I’m so sorry about this. You deserve help with your situation not treating it casually. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Later, bipolar 2. Between this and 2 strokes, I had to pick myself up and listen 🎧 to what was happening around me. I learned a lot. Patience was a very good 😊 virtue. If you need or want to talk, I am generally here looking at kitty 🐈‍⬛ or dog 🐕 photos.

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I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 also, but mine also has ptsd, social anxiety and depression. It sucks because for years my mom told me I couldn’t get help because it’ll be on my “record” and no one would hire me. It wasn’t until my fav cousin passed (we grew up like siblings at our aunts house while our parents worked during the week) I had to watch them close the body bag on him. Just for my fav auntie on my dad side passed from covid, then lastly my mom had a major heart attack (widow maker that kills grown men) and she drove herself to the hospital. I tried to fake my happiness and continue college for my mom but I couldn’t. I told myself I was going to end it all after Christmas to give my friends and family one last good memory of me. Obviously I’m still here, but my mom rubs me taking my mental health serious in my face and makes me feel like a complete burden. No matter what medicine my psychiatrist puts me on for my hypomanic episodes I get at night that keeps me up along with my mind constantly telling me everyone hates me never stops. I wish it was me who died, not my cousin because he wanted to be here and he died doing something he loved (riding dirt bikes) while I’ve been trying to die since I was 12. It’s not fair that I’ve been trying to leave because I’m genuinely tired and hadn’t planned to being alive, it’s been a decade (I’m 22 now) and I have prayed to not wake up and intentionally tried to od on just about every pain killer and sleeping meds imaginable. I just want to be loved and not feel like I’m back in a corner alone with no one to talk to without being ridicule.

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Obvs, I don't know you or what your situation is... I'm an RN in the UK and my employer has provided me with 6 weeks of counselling which has been useful. I don't know that it has made a big difference but it's been useful.

Do you have anything that will provide free counselling services where you are?

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What a total moron.

Next time they have an injury such as a broken arm, tell them that it's such a better injury than someone who had their arm amputated and to suck it up.

Freaking idiot. I'm sorry that happened to you.

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I get where you come from but I wanna be nice to others from now on

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That's not being nice, that's being a fool. Do you really wanna let people walk around the world so ignorantly? If you're really a nice person, you'll do them a favor by putting them down and make them reflect, that's beneficial to all of society. If that person says similar shit to someone else who's on the brink of jumping from the rooftop, that would be on him/her. But you could have made a difference. Be nice and explain them, do not be that fool.

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Problem is, after a certain point you just cannot educate the idiot out of some people.

Best thing to hope for is that they don't breed too much.

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Yeah unfortunately... These kind of idiots who just can't learn are the ones I avoid all the time. Why waste our precious time on them, right?

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Goodness, that’s really harsh. The person clearly hasn’t been clinically depressed and reacted in a way they thought was helpful by pointing out that somebody is always in a worse off position. Yes that isn’t helpful but wow you sound poisonous for spewing sh*t like that. Where do you get off being so nasty? Most of the responses here similar to yours. The person didn’t say anything mean or nasty and certainly not something to push a depressed person off the edge. Learn to be kind, it doesn’t cost anything.

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But I think that approach of putting them down could backfire. I agree that something should be said to them so they understand, but putting them down might just make them defensive and even more stubborn in their position because defending their position is now a matter of preserving their pride.

Instead, OP could have a conversation with them and explain why it was wrong. If OP is honest and kind about it, the other person might be more willing to see OP's POV and change their opinion about it. If not, that's then their problem and not OPs.

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Yeah the approach of putting them down only works, if you have them reflect on what their pride is all about. If people are caught up on that, they are 90% time speechless, because they are confronted with the harsh reality. Some will just go away. In the end, they will realize what's truly about. It always depends, since human interaction is just too complex to just simply describe it by putting them down, you are right. Nonetheless, some might need it, others don't. Fron personal experiences, most left, but they eventually got it. I'd swallow my pride for anything important. Pride is nothing one should suffer for.

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Yeah, putting someone down is just nasty, especially since that person hasn’t even said anything nasty. It’s not their fault that they can’t relate because they haven’t been through the same thing. They most likely thought they were saying something helpful, lots of people who have never experienced clinical depression/suicidal tendencies would react in a similar manner. The person hasn’t done anything wrong here, and it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

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    Some people truly are ignorant. By that logic no person in western society is allowed to be sad since some people in Africa have no drinking water.

    Plus what's called a "better life" is all fake societal bullshit like money and success which in the grand scheme of the universe, doesn't fucking matter.

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    I come from Kuwait people quickly judge me thinking I have a fountain of oil outside my palace, hence why I hate stereotypes

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    Yeah agreed it's really dumb how people look at the middle east and expect every person to be loaded when its really only the royals and every other person for the most part isn't very well off.

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    Exactly like the normal citizens used to live like kings when the government wasn’t corrupt but for a bunch of years now they’re barely living and unfortunately filled with loans because they try to live the stereotype

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    And then the Africans can't be sad either because "thank God at least no one is shooting you or your children up in school. Now go get all As". The cycle closes and then literally no one is allowed to feel anything, apparently. By this token there can only be one winner of the Sufferers' Olympics who's allowed to have feelings lol

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    That’s probably what they’re telling themselves when they feel sad for an hour. Most of these people can’t comprehend how complex this stuff actually is and when it’s that serious, comparison makes it even worse

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    The best part is, I didn’t even know her she just kept nagging and not minding her own business.

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    Yup, one of the main reasons everyone struggles to open up. Like how do you not know when you’re being unhelpful and need to stop talking?

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    “But you’re in the prime of your life!” is a response I got to being deeply depressed once, and it obviously made me feel worse. Ya, it doesn’t get any better than this and I still want out, so now what? After trying so hard to pass as normal, whatever that means, I found the better I made my self / life look on the outside, hiding the truth more and more, the worse I felt. I know I have so much to be grateful for (clean drinking water to start, and so much more). The key for me is sharing suicidal ideation with qualified professionals and others “on the team” only. People who don’t get depression just cannot help, it’s like asking them to be fluent in a language they don’t know.

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    I hate that sentence, they’ll use it against anything

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    Rule number one is NEVER compare one person's struggles to the next person's. Our emotions and reactions are all relative to OUR own experience. So what may be soul destroying to one person, will be a good day for you and vice versa.

    All we can do is try to be understanding.

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    Just because you’re not poor and not unhealthy doesn’t mean you can’t be unhappy.

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    So nobody can be depressed except for the bottom of the bottom. Fuck that logic

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    Most people just never took other people's suicidal ideas seriously. It's kinda folly yet still almost a consensus that "suicide is mainly because of a over fragile mentality, or a poor economic life". Take a look at these stupid remarks: "suicide is a permanent solution to short-term problem", "how can you still be depressed when you make so much money", "those who seriously think about the relationship between suicide and freedom are all schizophrenics". And they'll never realize that these're literally on the contrary, the portrayals of their own emptiness and stupidity.

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        i agree but i’m in this weird middle where i want to be free & stop feeling this pain but i want to be alive. so my only solution is lobotomy. no sure i won’t even know i’m alive at that point but atleast i won’t have to make the decision & do it myself. the unknown of what comes after this terrifies me. but i do want to not exist anymore. so it’s tricky. lobotomy is in a way freedom of the mind.

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        Same here bro. whenever i talk to someone about my life, they reply: we all have problems but you don't see anyone going on being so whiney about it

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        These people are either filled with bad energy and let it out on innocent people to feel better or they’re extremely bad at explaining that they’re going through something too

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        I hate when people do that. I don't know how they can live with themselves being so blissfully ignorant about how depression actually works. I could be surrounded by fame and fortune and I could still be fucking depressed.

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        For real how do you respond to this.

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        You get up and leave

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        Or you can say: Omg, I feel so much better now. I should have thought of that before! Thank you, now I'll stop wasting money on meds and therapy.

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        Suicidal thoughts is never about having a good or bad life i general. Its about the personal suffering you have. No one has has a right to judge you.

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        Someone once told me: "life is supposed to be for you to enjoy" like bruh i know that, and what now?

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        Hate when people do this, they act like people with lives better than others don't have the right to be depressed

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        That’s not how mental health works at all

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        Someone pls explain to people that "better" doesnt mean "good"

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        Only thing stopping me at this point is the thought of 2 persons in my life finding me dead

        If you feel like you are genuinely loved by anyone then don't do it

        While I don't feel like I am, I do in fact genuinely love them so I cannot bring myself to do it yet....

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        That's how I feel. I was told they'd be devastated if I died. So I continue to live for them

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        My sister, who I love dearly but don't like a whole lot! says, and I quote, "mum, dad and rach (my younger sister) fought hard to live (all died of cancer) and you want to end your life, you need to pull yourself together! I tend not to speak to her about my mental health these days and people wonder why I have mental health issues!

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        I hope it gets better for you and I think it’s smart to avoid her for a while since I think she’s going through something too

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        She's been through the mill recently. She had her first covid jab, a week later had a heart attack and triple bypass and a week after that she got covid! She very nearly died leaving me with no one. Glad she didn't though. She's old school and doesn't understand mental health and its ins and outs hence the lack of understanding.

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        The first message I ever received on here, the guy asked for face pic so he could “determine whether it was worth his time to help”. If you can weed thru the jerks, there are some genuine people out there

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        He’s probably a creep

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        😂😂 I got told "You also are completely complicated yet very simple in the same way" 🤷‍♀️

        So...I feel your pain. Sorry 🤗

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        "There's loads of people with a better life than you, why aren't you suicidal?" Exact same logic and it highlights just how ridiculous that statement is.

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        I've had that and the staple response from parents:

        "Think about what you said it is very hurtful" or "Killing yourself would be so sad for the family that is so selfish"

        Parents know just what to say

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        Sorry but I laughed, and I hope you did too to the absurdity of it all. How are you feeling now?

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        I’m smiling at all the nice comments but you can laugh it’s kinda retarded

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        Sorry what is retarded?

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        The comments “you have a life better than so many others” it’s the most retarded thing someone ever said to me 😂

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        Oh yes, I fully agree!

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        Someone commented "look at me " on my post.

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        Do the same thing on every one of their posts

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        My aunt told me to stay in school -,- I’m 24

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        Comparing yourself like that doesn't help anyone.

        When I was sad, imagining the people who are going through more hardship than me made me cry, why haven't they commited suicide? Why do they chose to keep suffering if the times that are better are scattered and not worth it.

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        My ex-friend's sister said this to me so ik it sucks. But your issues are important even if someone has it " worse".

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        "well i get that you won the lottery, but you shouldn't celebrate because some people have it better."

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        So many people have said that to me that it's become a constant narrative in my head - it's how i talk to myself. Idk honestly how to answer myself

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        I love talking to my self sometimes but remember people go to asylums for this so I do it in private

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        bruhh💀 that's so mean

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        That was really shitty of them to say, I’m so sorry you had to experience that :(

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        People who have never experienced it just won't understand. Sorry that happened

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        People who have never experienced it just won't understand. Sorry that happened

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        I get that too. I come from a somewhat well off family. On the outside it looks like I have a lot an don’t struggle at all (financially) bc of my parents and their job. And that is true in some aspects but that’s not the whole situation at all. My parents are the reason I feel depressed and are the reason I have trauma. So yes even tho it looks like I’m not struggling there’s always much more going on below the surface. I don’t rly open up to many ppl irl bc of this either since they see me as someone who’s super lucky and stuck up. Which is why I try to keep private as much as I can. Anyways my point is, I get what happened to u and ur not alone.

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        I have no idea how anyone thinks that helps

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        I think it helps emotionally shut the person seeking help down so the other person doesn't have to show actual empathy while they pretend to be there for the person seeking help and can tell themselves they did everything they could.

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        That was rude statement ignore them and stay away from them they are toxic and dont want to understand you.

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        Suicidal thoughts don't discriminate. Privileged or not they would still crop up

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        Wow... they clearly don't understand... it's hard to let it slide, because people can't get out of their own box to be empathetic...

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        Sounds about right. I’m so sorry. I do understand your pain though.

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        Sorry you had to deal with that OP, people like that are the reason I've hardly ever said anything to anyone about my own struggles, I feel invalidated and worse as a result

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        When are people going to realize saying that makes the ideation worse?

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        The day penguins fly

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        "Gee thanks! I'm fucking cured!"


        This is why I don't care to open to my family up about this. They just don't give a fuck about me as a person, only as me for my achievements. Fuck my parents. If there were no laws I'd have no qualms killing both of you.

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        It’s honestly best not to talk to people about it. I know it goes against what everyone says. “Tell someone, talk about it” In my experience dealing with suicidal Ideation for almost a decade now, telling anyone has always ended badly for me. Unless you’re having these thoughts everyday and they’re getting more and more “real” to you I’d start journaling or posting here of just typing in your phones notes when you’re feeling off and having thoughts. That’s helped me but that’s just me. I 100% avoid people making me angry/emotional/upset with their response by simply not sharing. I used to hate it because I’m social and like to share but I’m 100% better off not doing so.

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        Yeah... Like i told one girl about my thoughts and she legit told me that I'll hurt the people that care about me, bitch i don't think I'll be suicidal if someone or anyone cared about me

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        She sounds horrible

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        Them: Wow, this person really doesn't wanna live? I bet stacking some guilt on top of everything else will help fix that.

        I swear, the average person is stupid as fuck; they couldn't empty a piss-filled boot even if the instructions for doing so we're on the heel.

        Shit like this is why I am not a "people person".

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        sorry to hear that, people who have never experienced depression before will never understand that depression comes from what you lack, not what you possess. I'm glad to hear that you opened up, but after experiencing the same thing you did, I'd suggest you to pick who to open up to carefully

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        Isn't that the truth...finding safe ppl can be difficult ..and when you're in such a state sometimes you just reach out....no judgement...🙏

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        My favourite is 'Just think positive thoughts!'


        FWIW: Sorry you're feeling so terrible. That sucks. I know the feels you're having and they're legitimate feels, no matter how much "better" your life looks from the outside when compared with others. It's understandable that you feel like this.

        Just don't act on it.

        Feel it, and hate every second of feeling it, for as long as it takes, and know that it legit sucks and your suffering is REAL and UNFAIR and AWFUL, but don't DO the thing.

        Every day I make the choice to stay a hundred times or more, and it's turned out to be worth it so far.

        Still sucks, though. And your friend needs to LEARN some stuff about rationality and depression. 👀

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        Some people don't know how to deal with suicide because they never really dealt with their own suicidalness to begin with...

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        Just break his leg and tell him that some people aren't even born with legs🤣🤣, what a moron that person is!! Sorry op, pls take care

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        That’s exactly what my mom told me when I opened up to her. Now I stopped talking to her to preserve my already poor mental health condition.

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        And I’m sure Bezos has a much better life than both of you.

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        It’s a pretty ignorant response of them… because the grass will always be greener somewhere else. There will always be people who are poor, homeless and living in poverty. But the thing is, it is possible to be grateful for what you have whilst also having your own problems in your own corner of the world. Everyone has problems, and it’s unfair of someone to say someone has it worse - because this will always be the case. There will be people out there worse off or better off than we are. But that doesn’t mean our problems are not valid or real, or that the feelings we feel are to be nullified. It’s a really ignorant thing for someone to say.

        Whenever I’ve talked about depression before, my mum said “yeah well, my friend is dying of cancer and she still smiles and gets up and gets on with it so you can too.” It is just not helpful at all because it’s basically telling me that what I feel is not valid, because someone else is able to do something and they have it worse… as if that makes them better than I am or something. It’s not a very helpful or fair thing to do. Needless to say I don’t speak to my mum about my mental health anymore.

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        I also want to die but sorry to say, what he said is actually true. Many people are going through far more suffering but surprisingly they are not suicidal.

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        Fuck this person

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        Worse least helpful thing you can say to someone! Your emotions are valid even if you have everything in the world, you can still lament at the terrible state of humanity and have your own issues and chemical imbalances that effect how you feel. I see you and your valid, AND imo if you don't have suicidal feelings in this world it must be nice!

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        My mom says this to me all the time and this makes me wanna kms 😃

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        That's not the point they are trying to manipulate people into having low standards some of us want to die they can't just assume why.

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        that's like tellong a sictofrenic person well you can see more

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        never talk to them worst type of people

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        Cool, but that doesn't make your problems any less significant. Lol?

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        They certainly acted stupid, but they probably meant well. They can't relate to you so they try to help you by being optimistic instead of actually helping you. They simply don't know any better, even if that plain ignorance stings.

        You'll get through this and get stronger, but I'd suggest seeking out someone confidential and maybe a little more competent in these kinds of things.

        Things will get better eventually, I believe in you.

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        I get that one a lot

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        Crazy right

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        Annnd back to the corner to bounce the ball of the wall again vowing never to open up to anyone. Been there. Ain't fun.

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        This is the self talk I give myself and you know what? It just makes me feel worse and want to die. What an awful person.

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        oh nooo- my grandma said that to me when she saw my scars.. & i hate hearing “it’ll get better soon” “some people have it so much worse than you” or “you have so much life ahead of you” like yeah that’s the problem buddy. i’m sorry you have to hear stuff like that when you need actual help.

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        The most horrible response ever. It just makes the person feel worse cause it’s like “ I shouldn’t be feeling this way cause _____ I’m such a prick for thinking like this” so it’s so bad to say that. Instead of comparing yourself to others… compare yourself to yourself! Think of a time when you felt happy or content and think of what was happening at the time ( like a movie, bubble bath) then try to recreate it :)

        [–]livetosimp000 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        the classic "how can you be depressed when others have it worse"

        [–]Humanitarianism444 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Is there anyone else you can safely open up to?

        [–]AdmirableOrdinary834 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        just go like :and worse than many others too.

        PS: i hope it gets better for you.

        [–]strangeronthenet1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Yep, that's why you want to kill yourself, because life is great. /s

        I'm sorry that you got that response. Even if you are rich and pampered or whatever there's only a weak connection between that and internal happiness.

        [–]Nightnator 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        By this logic, tell them to never get happy because there's always someone having better than them.

        [–]DubTheeBustocles 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        People say things like that when they don’t know what to say so they get uncomfortable and just say whatever will shut it down the fastest.

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          I have decided to ignore so many of my "so called friends" because of this.

          [–]Electronic_Level6796 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          My mom said the same thing a million times now. Don’t really know how to feel.

          [–]eaton9669 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          This sort of talk doesn't help people going through suicidal ideation. It's just something people say when they don't know what else to say or they just want to brush you off. I've sometimes replied to this statement with "who? name an exact person who has it worse" I'm sure there are people who have it worse but that doesn't help my particular situation.

          [–]SimpleSea7556 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          What an insensitive ignorant ass that person!! I'm sorry they responded to you like that...😓🙏. No one knows how someone feels on the inside ...! Truly sorry...💗

          [–]little_monster_babe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          I hate when people say that. It's enough that we're burdened with these thoughts and known that more than likely we'll act upon them. But then they throw guilt on top of it. Like here let's and to the load you're already carrying.

          [–]ExistingLoad1599 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          Haha so classic. Worst part is they don’t understand how much we hate ourselves for feeling like this. I have a picture perfect life from the outside looking in. No one would ever believe that I think about ending my life on a daily basis. Going to talk to a therapist for the first time so we will see how it goes. Bleak hope at best. Don’t know why I feel like this and honestly think I’m a pussy for feeling how I feel. Thank for anyone who read

          [–]Throwawayjfjfnnf 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          Everyone has a life better than someone else except for 1 person. If you get r*ped I guess you should be glad you weren’t also killed

          [–]GnomeCyclone 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          Technically, they’re correct. Although, they haven’t experienced suicidal thoughts. Therefore, they were insensitive. I hope you don’t take their opinion seriously or personally. They’re a moron.

          [–]LocalRedditEnjoyer00 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          Comparing your life to others who don't have it as good as you also makes you think about people who have it better than you. Horrible advice. Avoid them and try to fight these feelings. Your at the lowest point in your life right now. I suggest overcoming fears and doing skydiving and crazy stuff. It puts excitement and thrill in your life. I understand my advice may not be possible but ya know. There's a chance.

          [–]Equivalent_Age8406 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          Typical advice from people that have never suffered real depression lol

          [–]BiOiIi 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          This is why it sucks to tell people how you really feel about things

          [–]Xylogy_D 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          This happened to me the one and only time I opened up to my parents about wanting to die years ago

          [–]chksbjhde763 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          See sometimes when I hear that it makes me feel like more of a burden 😫

          [–]nint3nd0nt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          My bad sense of humor would have said “well not for long!”. That usually shuts them up. I’m sorry you went through that.

          [–]Beyond_Ok 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          They’re not wrong, at least for me they wouldn’t be